Monday, May 19, 2014

Ring Around The Hexies

This is Angela's work, and a lot of it too all those hand pieced hexies, it deserved a custom quilting and that's what it got.
 Sort of a feathery, leafy wreath in the star blocks………………………
 a flower in the hexies
 Angela's interesting pieced backing shows the quilting better.
And the label securely quilted in.
Thread is Superior Art Studio "Arabian Sand" and the bobbin has Superior Bottom Line .


Heather said...

a beautiful quilt, even more so with the quilting. I'm glad you showed a picture from the back where the quilting shows very clearly.

Andee said...

I LOVE IT! As always, you outdo yourself with each quilt! Cannot wait to see it in person!

Kim said...

Beautiful! How is the label done? By hand or machine? I use my embroidery machine to make my labels but the letters heavy. This is very elegant!