Sunday, February 24, 2019

Mid Century Modern Part 2

So it is done and ready a few days ahead of the wedding, whew!
To get the size needed I added two rows both horizontal and vertical and it ended up measuring 92"x98", just about perfect! I had ordered 5 yds each of the blue and white and two of the gold, just as well because there is less than a yard left of both blue and white but over a yard of the gold.
 I am super happy that I decided to keep it simple and use the Circle Lord clamshell templates.
I think it suits the piecing design and was very fast.
All bound and labeled!

Thursday, February 21, 2019

A Mid Century Modern Wedding Quilt

I need to have this quilt finished fast, the wedding is next week! I was set back a bit with that nasty, no good, very bad, terrible flu! I ached and spiked a fever for ten days before I finally began to feel it would go away! So last Thursday I ventured out for the first time in 10 days and have been trying to catch up ever since. The couple for whom I make the quilt has a mid century modern style home/decor and this design seems to fit that.
Here you can find details of the inspiration for my quilt. Suzy's free quilt pattern is only 58"x64" and I need a queen size about 95" square. Also I only have three colors requested by the couple, navy, gold and white, so I had to do a lot of math!
Here is my version ready to go on the longarm.
So I needed to add two rows across and two rows down. Adding up all the different fabrics that outline the center I then added about one third more of the the navy strips, the same with the white and the gold. I had ordered five yards each of navy and white and two yards of the gold for the centers and it is enough and then some with navy for binding.
Now on the longarm. At first I planned to quilt it very modern a la Angela Walters but as I studied the finished top, more and more I wanted something clean and simple. I looked through a lot of designs and finally settled on the last design I did, clamshell,  but this time right way up!
It is pleasing to my eye, non fussy and perfect for a platform bed where it will be tucked under the mattress. With any "luck" at all I may get it all quilted tomorrow after the gym.

One Of Two!

My dear friend Linda in CO. put together two of these tops at August retreat last year and left them to be quilted for her daybed and trundle. One is done and I hope to get the second finished and mailed next week. Such a clean pretty and simple design, Linda loves blue!
Linda wanted a seashore/beachy feel to the quilting so I used an upside down clam shell motif to resemble waves, while the feathers on the borders are the curling waves and the pebbles are the froth that foams up as the waves pound the shore. Or it could also represent the pebbles on the beach.
How did I do??
 I actually love the back which makes the quilt dual sided.  It makes a very nice change to be able to use both sides equally. Maybe the lighter side for summer and the darker for winter?
I am very happy with it and next week hope to duplicate the design on the second top.

A Baptismal Quilt

This one also for a little boy. The top I sewed up at October retreat last year and quilted it modern, a handful of designs repeated row by row.
I think the hot air balloons are especially cute as a backing.
Finished with his label, every quilt needs one that says for whom, what occasion, where and when was it made and by whom. 
 It's such a puzzle for those who find vintage and antique quilts that have survived time and to have no provenance. So label every quilt!
And just a peek at the gorgeous great granddaughter Layla, a real little cherub and growing so fast! 
No prejudice here LOL.