Sunday, September 28, 2008

Finally it's Fall

Everyone must think I am really slack, just busy along with more internet problems which have reduced me to webmail on DH's PC the past 10 days, boy am I happy to be back on the Mac!
The wedding I was assisting with went off very well last weekend & I hope to have a couple of pics to post. The weather cooperated, flowers & setting were lovely & the cake was gorgeous. Plenty of good food & beverages & it was a great party. I now consider myself a catering professional, LOL.
This week I managed a bit of sewing, made two more computer bags, but I think they're a bit small for the intended recipients, my Mac is so thin & I didn't take into account that all other laptops are not that way. Maybe I can sell them on eBay because I will have to make two more larger ones this week.
I mailed out two more HOB quilts to the parents of this soldier-one to the mom in CO. & the other to the Dad out of state. These two were sent to me completed, such an added blessing all I have to do is print the paperwork & labels & sew the labels on. I have another two all set to mail & another ready for the labels & certificates.
Today I finally got the BQ mystery quilt pieced & I'll post pics tomorrow after I sew the mitered corners. I'm very relieved because I was afraid it might become a UFO, I had really lost interest in it, but I pushed on because it's a QOV for one of our wounded heroes. Now that it's this far I can easily get it finished, I plan to quilt it next weekend.
I also began to sew the strips for a baby quilt from Bonnie's Strip Twist pattern, I'm using the " scraps" left from the applique animal quilt [which will also be finished next weekend]
I have big plans for Gale's LA machine while she is off hunting antelope!
Finally for today here are a couple of local pic. one of the flowers on the deck & the aspens below as they were beginning to turn from green earlier this week. The color today was much more pronounced.The other of DH & Button about to take off on the quad!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Post Alaska

After a very busy week or two we are back from our Alaska cruise & coming back down to earth after being pampered on the trip.We have a multitude of pictures which I will place on my webshots, I have some up there already but it's slow going to upload them. I am convinced this is the best way to see Alaska, as I am not a big backwoods adventurer & don't like the cold weather. Crisp, cool is fine but not frigid. It rained almost every day we were away, even the 4 days in Seattle but the sun did shine for our sailing from Seattle.
I had not spent any time in that city before but I like it a lot. Pike's Market is amazing & we had an interesting visit to the Space Needle & lunch at the top, then we toured the Science Fiction Museum. The flowers & gardens in Seattle are lush, colorful & spectacular & we had a great day on our friend's beautiful 41ft. yatch sightseeing around the harbor.
Haven't blogged for nearly 3 weeks, lack of internet access plus the Alaska adventure have kept me away from the internet.
We have so many spectacular memories & photos of the great state of Alaska that it's hard to choose, but the rainforest in Juneau, the glaciers & the Misty Fiords stand out. Seeing salmon spawning was mind boggling, so many fish that the water was 'boiling' with them, & watching a 13 week old Bald Eagle fledge from the nest for the first time, wow! I'm posting them on my webshots bit by bit if you'd like to see some of this wonderful state from the view through my camera lens!
I'll post a couple of pics of my quilting progress in the next week-I have another QOV finished off & I'm still working on the applique baby quilt getting it ready to quilt this weekend.