Sunday, May 25, 2014

I Got It Together!

The wedding gown quilt pieces are now sewn up into a whole and when I got right down to it not as difficult a task as I'd feared! I stayed up past midnight working on it though.
You can see one of my many diagrams and some notes, a necessary process for best arrangement of the available pieces in order to create as few seams as possible.
I just had to be right the first time, measuring over and over before cutting-there simply wasn't enough fabric for a do-over, consequently there was a trash can half full of discarded diagrams!
At the end just one more 10"x10" square was needed to fill in the final corner.
 I was able to cut it from this last useable piece avoiding that stain at the top, one that did not come out with Biz.
Here's what is left of the skirt, a few triangular scraps.
In some ways it would have been easier to leave the fabric unwashed to retain the sizing but everything else is clean and it makes sense that now all the pieces have been laundered the same way and can be again in the future without fear of distortion of the finished quilt. It is well, though, that every raw edge was stay stitched, silk ravels insanely, worse after washing out the sizing.
This is the batting I chose, the silk blend has a beautiful hand and is light and thin perfect for this quilt.
 The top is now spread out on the queen size bed in the guest room. I will leave it now till next week and work on other projects, I need a decision from Andrea to go further and she is on vacation, lucky lady!
I hope she brings back pictures from her exotic destination!

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