Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Grand Illusion

 Bonnie Hunter's next mystery quilt beginning Thanksgiving weekend.
Grand Illusion
Today I went to Lowes to pick up a copy of each of  the Valspar color cards that Bonnie is using for color guides for Grand Illusion.
Here are the fabrics I have pulled from stash.
 I do need more turquoise and one and 5/8 yds. yellow [that is to be constant thoughout the quilt] because there isn't enough of any one yellow in my stash but there does appear to be adequate variety and yardage of the other colors.
Angela is again organizing a get together to celebrate the mystery on 30th. November. I think we expect twenty plus participants so it should be a lot of fun like last year.
My major chore this week is to make and apply labels to about thirty quilts I am preparing for sale the second weekend in November. Our Lady Of Joy church in Carefree AZ, has an annual bazaar and I am hoping to make space in my home by selling some of my stash of quilts.
Most are shown on my blog under the "Quilts For Sale" heading.
So far thirteen have labels leaving still a lot to be done- perhaps that is a lesson to be learned about applying labels as I complete the quilts!

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Finished For Friday

Finally, a quilty post if only bindings! But for some that is the hardest part so I should not diminish the procedure after all how can you use a quilt without a binding?!
Both the retreat quilts are done done and so added to the "For Sale" stash!
What next? I need to find DSM work, I have been struggling for a week with a very swollen painful knee, wearing the brace but getting no better. I saw my orthopod today and he thinks it's a flare up of the borderline RA, he aspirated a large amount of fluid and injected cortisone so I'm hoping for relief in a few days. Meantime I will go to the gym and work everything but the legs!
Maybe we just need to eat out……………
Here's Mr.Linky, what have you been working on this week? Progress to show?

Monday, October 13, 2014

Champagne Brunch Engagement Celebration

The bride - to - be's surprise from her Mom.
A beautiful cake, delicious too!  Obviously her Mom is an expert cake decorator!
Are they deciding if the cake is too pretty to eat? 

But they did and we enjoyed every bite!
Sneaking in a smooch between visiting with guests.
We were blessed with perfect weather in the low 80's in our shady back yard.
I did say it's a shady yard!
 Parents of the bride-to be.
Nana, Aunt and Uncle.
 These three couples hang out together all the time, the other two couples are the reason JW and Yessenia know each other!
 The only pic I am in I think, with wife and parents of JW's BFF.
Everyone enjoyed the day, they played some Euchre and the last guests left around 7 pm after I fed them the last Mexican Chicken casserole and other left overs! Helped me to make some space in the refrigerator!
Now back to a normal life and hopefully some quilting although this week we have The Boy but not tomorrow it's Daddy's day off.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Friday Finishes

A crazy busy week, and here it is after 10 pm and I am posting a Friday finish! It is the bathroom, finally, and now I cannot remember what it looked like before!
 The shower -shown in a previous post- has been done for a week or two. I probably should have taken these pics. in daylight to avoid all the reflections so I might try to find time in the morning.
I am  very happy with it, good use of a small space. There is not much chance I will post again until after the weekend, we are having a brunch Sunday to celebrate DS#4 engagement and there is much to still do including most of the food prep for nearly 40 people. And here is the linky for you to show your weekly progress.
Have a great weekend!

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Friday Finishes Addendum!

Another project we tackled this week a new pantry door!
 DH did the engineering I painted and added the lettering.
It looks pinkish but is white, however the walls there are Garnet so perhaps that makes the trim appear to have a pink tinge.
I love it, adds panache to my kitchen!
Below is the second bench cushion just completed, a good day's work so I am off to bed.

Friday, October 3, 2014

Friday Finishes

Well, better later than never, I have been slammed all week and in addition this is our week with The Boy, so more grandchild time means less other "stuff"!
The Mr. Linky I promised has been created but as yet I have not been able to insert it into this post. The learning curve continues, perhaps by next Friday.
Meantime, if you have progress on or completion of a project you have posted, please leave me a comment and I will come by your blog to check it out.
This week my finishes are mostly non quilting [NQ] as I worked all week on the yard, trimming overgrowth and dealing with the frizzled remains of summer's assault! I wanted it to look especially nice for the engagement celebration next weekend so I put in the extra effort.
 The sun was very bright this morning as you can tell in this pic.
 There are four large trees in our very shady yard, and they seem to grow exponentially in the heat. On the left here is the Ficus, about 30ft. tall, it has taken some serious damage in the rare years we have several days of severe freezes and has needed cutting back to the trunk but it always comes back. It really helps to shade the yard from the harsh western sun. Oh let me not forget it holds the swing!
 This is a multi- trunk Brazilian Pepper, a large umbrella-like tree and very hardy, we have a single trunk version out front. Around the tree is a little memorial garden for our son Matt.
This flower bed was a disaster, but 35 mums have changed it from a mess to something quite acceptable. I am hoping that the new plantings will begin to fill in the next week, they definitely add welcome color. The tree roots here are only 6" below the surface and even with the addition of a bag of soil conditioner I think it could use another 6" so I am brain-storming with DH some way to erect a 6" ledge around the circle to contain more soil. This will be a winter project! On the left toward the back is my rosemary plant, one of my favorite herbs for cooking, it goes great with lamb and roasted potatoes and has a lovely clean herbal fragrance.
There's still some tidying up to do around the perimeter of the yard but I have done my dash for this week, it may not sound like a lot of work but indeed it was!
My only sewing finish- one of two seat pads for the park benches in the yard- I had this cute fabric in stash well aged and made great use of it. Construction on the second one was interrupted when I needed to fetch The Boy from school and between him and getting dinner I have not returned to it-but tomorrow is another day!
And here is the link finally that clever Heather coached me through!

Monday, September 29, 2014

A More Modern Quilt

As I lean toward simpler, more modern quilt designs the Swirls quilting pattern seems to compliment them really well.
 It is my "go to" design for the moment for moderns, so I think I need to find some new alternatives!
 I wish I could do a better job of high-lighting the quilting on the full quilt but it is challenging!
The backing is pieced, two different brown prints. 
I am not sure how much quilting will be done this week, I am trying to get my garden into shape, now that the weather seems to be moderating it's time to rescue the garden from the havoc caused by extremes of weather the last few months. There are about 50 plants, shrubs and perennials in pots out back awaiting planting, so lots of work ahead there. This afternoon I trimmed a lot off the big Brazilian Pepper in the back and some off the climbing rose and the two large Hibiscus and The Boy helped to load it into the trash bin, he does love to help.  The mature plantings all seem to have gone wild between the heat and all the rain, the bedding plants on the other hand are almost non existent due to the same two weather issues that caused the abundant growth in the larger plants! Mums are on sale at Home Depot so I loaded up on them hoping they will make a nice color show in two weeks in time for the Champagne Brunch engagement party, barring more extremes of weather -over which we really have no control, I believe the Creator has His hands on that!

Friday, September 26, 2014

Friday Finishes

Anyone remember a blogger who each Friday had a link for crafters etc. to show off whatever they had accomplished? I think it was called "Finished For Friday" and it has not been active for a long time but I miss it and have been going it alone for a while now so I thought I would begin one on my own blog. It will be called "Friday Finishes" and this week I will be getting together a linky and a button-as soon as I figure out how to do that- I have a couple of blogger friends I can beg for help, Heather over at "Books And Quilts" will know, I can ask her!
So check in on Fridays and please add your blog and let us know whatever you have been working on, quilting, sewing, needlework,painting, canning you name it! I find it so satisfying to accomplish a task or just to talk about my progress, it spurs me on to further effort so I don't get bogged down.
This is my Friday Finish, one of the retreat tops. Well, it still needs binding and I have to dig out some fabric for that.
 In the pieced backing the quilting shows up in the blue, the thread is a cream. It's an easy freehand, my friend Loretta calls it Peacock Feathers but some call it Paisely. It can look quite different depending on the shape and size of the motif, longer like this or fatter more round when it looks like a shell. This one has a bit of a curl and seems more like paiseley to me, I just vary it according to my mood. I also like to use it very tiny for background fill, or much larger for a more open design. It is very nice, quick and easy quilting and generic, good for a man or a woman.
I already have another quilt loaded for tomorrow while DH works on the bathroom vanity install. I can't wait to get all my "stuff" back into drawers and out of the boxes in my walk-in closet, it gets old in a hurry, having to dig around everyday in boxes on the floor for all those personal necessities we women use! I am hoping that the granite top will be in the end of next week, fingers crossed! 

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Renovation update

I was up early and at the gym well in time for the 7:30 a.m.Cardio Blitz class. I usually go to the 10:30 class and was surprised how great it felt to be done and home around 8:30 with the whole day ahead of me.
Today the glass shower went in and the stone guy came to measure for the vanity top. This is not a large bathroom, about 8ft x 9ft. so space is very precious and I'm hoping the light gray paint and glass shower will make it feel less claustrophobic. The glass is frameless so we have to leave the red tape on for 24 hours, then we can use the shower.
 The glass is not green, just appears that way! It's half inch thick, perhaps that's why? Our last home in Scottsdale had a glass shower but it was pink tile, eeuuww, and I know that glass was much thinner. It was also a nightmare to try and keep clean, but we had hard water and no water resistant coating on it though I did try that Rainx stuff for car windshields without much success.
This is much prettier and the price difference was negligible from 3/8 to 1/2 inch. We also have the Showerguard protective shield for water spotting etc. making maintenance minimal, and the cost was low for that add on, well worth the investment. We used Diamond Glass and Mirror here in Phoenix area, having had a long association with the company I trusted them implicitly. Their website has a link to American Shower Doors, with more information and pictures, lots of options.
Painting is about finished in there and the remainder of the vanity will be delivered tomorrow, so we are closing in on a finish!
Meantime I loaded one of the retreat quilts on the longarm and hope to have time after Bible study tomorrow to work on it while I await delivery from the freight company.
Still triple digit temperatures, summer has not heard that it is supposed to be done!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Finished For Friday September 19th.

This is the second top I began at retreat and it's now complete. 
When I went looking for backing for the top finished last Friday there was nothing in stash backings large enough so I pieced together these four fabrics for an eclectic backing. The yellow print was left over from the quilt so I was able to use that up- if I had my way there would be nothing but a few little scraps left from each quilt!
They were all good sized chunks so it wasn't too hard or much piecing required and that quilt should be my next personal LA project.  Opened up it is about 80" square, perfect for the 74" top.
The frogging of the vintage fan quilt is on the back burner!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The Chickens Have New Homes.

The random number generator chose numbers two and five, Sherry gets the purple and gold and Jody the teal, congratulations!  I will contact them today for mailing addresses.
Bye bye little chicks time for you to leave the nest!

The Wedding Gown Quilt Is Home

Linking up with Heather for Needlework Tuesday.
As promised Andrea sent me a couple of pics of her quilt on her bed. She said the lighting isn't great so details aren't as sharp.
 It gives me great pleasure to see the quilt being used and loved, probably the most rewarding part of quilt making

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Finished For Friday 14th.Sept.

This is a quilt that started life at quilt retreat last week and I set it aside weary of all the little nine patches. I pulled it out today and worked at it for a couple of hours, then went to the gym and later finished it off at about 11:30 pm!
The plan was for it to be a QOV but now I am wondering if it's too feminine, that outer border especially is floral. There are supposed to be stars in alternate gold blocks but I decided to forgo those, I really don't want to fuss with applique but maybe the stars would make it more masculine?
What is the consensus of opinion? 

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Wordless Wednesday, Coffee

Going Forward-And Backwards!

Progress forward on the bathroom though a day later than expected. The torrential rains yesterday left interstates, local streets and backyards flooded while one highway had vehicles floating down the road! Scary I am sure if you were in one of those vehicles. Our back yard and greenbelt were indeed flooded but we are on a slight slope from Carefree down to central Phoenix so the water eventually drains away no harm done.
Colleges were closed so I missed gym workout and our tiler decided not to run the gamut of flooded streets. More rain today but not heavy and I haven't checked the forecast for tomorrow.
In a nation as large as USA as in Australia one area can be flooded while another is in severe drought, it is the way the wind blows!
Shower almost done…………..
just one little corner of the floor to go.
 Base of vanity is in, enough for City Of Stone to come measure for the granite I chose………...
this one, a nice contrast to the dark wood vanity. All of that is going forward but…….on the quilting, well that's the going backwards part! I decided that I hated the quilting I have done so far on the vintage fan quilt so I took it off the longarm and plan to "frog" the whole thing!
It isn't so much the feather border but the quilting of the fans that I dislike 
so it will all come out! Sigh, sometimes it happens that way!
Oh and make sure that you leave me a message if you want to be in the draw for the pin cushion chickens.