Saturday, September 16, 2017

Our MeetUp Group

We have a group here in Phoenix of Fiber Artists! Most of us quilt but also  sew other things, knit, embroider etc. They are a lovely group of ladies always respectful of others and very generous with their time and talents. We meet every third Saturday of the month and also take a four day retreat in the White Mountains the first weekend in October.
Ten of us met at Linda's spacious home today and began the day with her gourmet Belgian waffles, such a treat.
I did not really have a chance to sew, but I did press about 290 HST's and when I came home managed to get some up on the design wall ready to sew. 
These are mostly Civil War reproduction fabrics with a few others thrown in to make up the necessary number. They are about 5" square and I plan to to have 16 across and 18 down a total of 288. I made them the the fast way, four at a time. Using 8" squares I sew two, right sides together with a fourth inch seam all around the outer edges. 
Then when I cut them twice on the diagonal corner to corner I have four HST's.
A very fast way to make them, I use this method all the time. Using a directional fabric means they will not have the design running the same way but this is a scrappy type quilt so it isn't of any consequence.
I may begin to sew the rows together tomorrow after church, I will have a couple of hours free in the afternoon.This will be the second of the two quilts for our Pastor, the first is going on the longarm this week. I plan to quilt it with Baptist fans.

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Pajama Quilter!

That was me yesterday, I spent the day with my new BF, the Prodigy Quilter. I am getting to know Lady Prodigy and finding new things I like about her and figuring out the ins and outs of a new-to-me machine.
It was the Labor Day holiday, DH is out of town and I had no other place I needed to be so I stayed in my PJ's until bedtime, shower and another pair of PJ's!
Of course a little wine helps the quilting go even better, only a little though do not want to quilt any body parts!
This simple baby boy quilt is for another new child at church, Wyatt was baptised last month as well as a little girl-her quilt is on the longarm next.
Freehand peacock feathers in Superior King Tut Blue Nile, just needs binding now.
I finished piecing this full size quilt last week, 84"x112", it is a Missouri Quilt Company Youtube video and it's called "The Big Star Quilt"!  I enjoyed this fast and easy pattern and am happy with the way it turned out. No borders since it's already the perfect size.
It is one of two I am making for our Pastor who needs to replace two old quilts his Grandma made decades ago that are falling apart.
I want to use Quilter's Dream Angel batting in the lightest version and as I have no appropriate size batts in QD Angel I had to place an order - it probably will not be here for a week but there are always plenty of projects in line never fear!
Meantime, it's off to the gym for me!