Friday, May 16, 2014

Kathy's 35th.Ave BOM

This stunning quilt with an Amish look was a big job I know, I made one too! Kathy finished hers first from our group I think, mine is done but I haven't had time to get it on the LA yet
I am very pleased with the effect of the "Flower Burst" panto from Judy Lyon at MeadowLyon Designs. I just purchased two other pantographs at the same time, two of them with this quilt in mind and when I gave Kathy a choice I sort of thought she would prefer Flower Burst - it was a good decision.
Gold toned thread and Quilter's Dream black batting make the design pop without distracting from the quilt design. 
 I never have issues with "pokies" with QD batts but decided that it made sense to use the black on these quilts anyway, QD black batting is lovely and soft and sturdy too.
 I really like the effect of the design on the pieced backing this quilt will be interesting on both sides!
I have begun to offer the option of an embroidered label of client's choice placed directly on the backing-or even the front. It makes theft more challenging, to remove the label means disfiguring the quilt and ensures provenance in the future. It also saves one more step for the quilter of sewing on a label.
It may appear strange to mention quilt theft but unfortunately it is a sad fact, many quilts go missing from classrooms, exhibitions etc or from the mail, vehicles and even from private homes.
There's an entire website dedicated to this subject, "Lost Quilt Come Home", I have mentioned it before, and some of the stories are really sad.
 I knowKathy is anxious to have this quilt  in her hands again to bind and present to her niece, nice work Kathy, thank you for trusting me with your hard work!


Gari in AL said...

Both a beautiful quilt and panto. Now you should be ready to do yours: with the same or different panto?

Cactusneedle said...

The quilt is indeed stunning and I love the quilting!

Andee said...

It looks great!! :)