Sunday, December 16, 2018

A Great Grandson

So, I am a great grandmother three times now and  if anything is calculated to make me feel my age, that is it, LOL.
Last Saturday we welcomed Sterling Daniel Atwood, to join his Mom and Dad Ashlee and Daniel and 14 month old sister Paisley. He weighed in at 6lb.2 ozs and just over 19" long and at a couple of weeks early he spent an extra day or so in neonatal to ensure all systems were working perfectly.
Here shown in neonatal in his adoring grandfather's arms,[our son Lucas]
 And at home a few days later.
Mom and baby are well for which we are praising God. We haven't had cuddles yet but next weekend for sure.
Meanwhile our newest great granddaughter Layla has gained over 1.5lbs her first month, so her Mom is doing a great job! 
Well, Dad too, he is a great helper with all that is necessary.
Last night I shipped off the quilt below to the owner in CA., it is for her great grandson! I cannot remember how many baby quilts have come through my hands this year but easily upwards of 20. It has been the busiest year I remember for new babies in our friends and family circle, all healthy thank you Lord!
You can see that Hannah made a few words with the alphabet letters.
 And the last of my quilting until the new year is this lap size quilt below for some dedicated lay workers in the children's program at our church.
In gratitude for all the children whose lives they touch in Jesus Name, including our grandson Matthew.
I hope to sew a little more this week on the Bonnie Hunter mystery "Good Fortune".  Maybe I will post a bit on my progress during the week. I have completed a couple of clues, still working on one of them. But- I also have to clean house and hopefully do a little Christmas baking!
Cheers, y'all!

Catching Up A Bit On Quilting!

Life here has been super busy, I cannot even begin to tell it all!
Below is another of Angela's quilts, 54" square and another Bonnie Hunter design. I really like this quilt and had fun quilting it. Angela use two different blocks, together making an eye catching secondary design.
So I repeated two different quilting designs freehand 
 and made an interesting pattern on the back.
 Standard piano key in the border.
Last Saturday was the QOV presentation for Sgt. David Stassenhofer. I only have a couple of photos from my camera but many more were taken that I hope to get!
 Many of his friends from the Patriot Guard showed up. Across Arizona, David was the lead flag bearer at the funerals of the Fallen for many years and as such was called"Flag Dud".
 Below, the presentation case with his name.
 Custom quilting was the only way to go with this quilt to show off it's red, white and blue beauty. Several friends from my Sew Creative MeetUp group contributed blocks for the so I did not have to make them all, and no two are quite alike but together they make a stunning patriotic display for a military hero.
  And I aways love the solid fabric back that makes a whole quilt on it's own.

Sunday, November 18, 2018

Ch. Maybush Red Radiant Knight "Nova"

Warning! This post is heavily dog related so if you are not a dog lover you may not find it too interesting, LOL.
We flew to Siren WI. to get our lovely new four legged friend. She seemed to take to us the very first night making herself at home with DH.
 A few pics of some of the twelve Aussies.
 Awaiting a treat from mom Theresa as she prepped our cheese selection.
And this is the delicious tasting we had from a local cheese artisan. The sausage too is locally produced it was delicious
Along with a WI beer only available there, from Gluaris, a Chocolate Porter. We brought home a suitcase filled with a wide selection from this brewery, for our son the beer aficionado.
 That's me taking a picture of the snow that came in while we were there!
My beautiful Nova girl!
The morning of our departure from WI.
And at MSP airport.
Now in her "forever" home, making herself comfy on my visiting brother's lap!
 Getting to know Matthew
She is already a quilting dog, follows me like a shadow and finds something quilty to lay on!
 Exploring in our development, lots of different smells here in the city, so different to the farm.
I told Theresa, "I am taking something of yours, and leaving something of mine" a quilt to brighten their days and warm them this chilly season.

Layla Jane, Great Granddaughter #2

Our beautiful little girl was born November 8, 5lbs.15 ozs, 18.5" long.
Only a few hours old here and definitely a keeper!
Logan and Kelli, the very happy, grateful and proud parents.
 The same for GGMother 
 and GGFather!

Sunday, November 4, 2018

We have A Need For Another Quilt Of Valor

I received an email last week from a local lady asking if we could provide a QOV for a retired marine, Vietnam vet, who is fading in health. I do not have one on hand so I sent out a message to my MeetUp quilt group for help. Yesterday we met and made 13x 12" blocks with promises of at least another half dozen.
My plan is to have the rest of the blocks by our next meeting November 17, so I can quickly put it together, quilt and bind it for this ailing Marine.
Celeste with her blocks
Limbania with her contribution
BJ with hers
And here are mine.
I did not get a photo of Jen with hers but with this beautiful quilt that she painstakingly pieced, and I quilted. I think the pattern is Crystal Blue and is definitely a challenge even for an advanced quilter. I used a pantograph called Flower Burst because we wanted something a little bit contemporary to fit the quilt design.
 I think it was a good choice, quilting was not going to show up anyway and really did not need to try to steal the show from this stunning quilt.
 Last night I quickly quilted this baby quilt from my last retreat.
 I will bind it and set it aside for the next baby baptized at St.Mark.
 The hot air balloon panel made a good backing and the batting is Quilter's Dream Angel.