Friday, July 29, 2016

Quilt Group

I had not been a member of an actual quilt group in many years and recently decided I would like some quilty fellowship once in a while so I have joined Sunrise Quilters, a very active guild where my good friend BJ goes. Last night was my third month and I have officially become a member, just have to make my paper pieced name tag.
This group has a new block each month and any who make a block get a chance to win all of them.
There were only seven blocks this month and I had made two so I got two chances and they ended up being mine!
It's a very easy block so I made two more this evening.
This makes a baby quilt size so I think I will sew it up as is and quilt for a spare baby quilt.
I will play around with the arrangement and rotate alternate blocks to make it more interesting or perhaps try sashing. The white open spaces allow for some fun quilting, and it's always nice to have a baby quilt available.

Monday, July 25, 2016

ThirtyFifth Avenue BOM, 2013?

You know you have the deadly, incurable quilting pox  really seriously when you cannot remember the year you made a quilt- it's likely you have made too many to recall these details! So this stunning design has been completed and awaiting a turn on the Big Girl machine for simply ages, I just could not decide how to quilt it because I wanted to custom it. I had quilted one for Kathy K a couple of years ago, an Edge to Edge design using gold thread and it turned out very pretty.
So I finally succumbed to guilt and decided to do an edge to edge design, sometimes thoughts of these incomplete quilts disturb my peace of mind until I cannot bear it any longer!
It is hard to tell in the photos but I used a beautiful 100% cotton variegated King Tut thread called  De Nile and it shows up nicely against the black.
To me this is a very Amish looking quilt, it's also a Q-K size but does not have a designated home!
The pantograph is Jitterbug by Meadowlyon Designs and it's the first time I have used it, I think it gives some nice movement to the quilt.
The blocks below are part of a block swap at the quilt group I have begun to attend. Each month a different block design is given and then there is a drawing for the "winner take all"! The only requirement was for a white background so I pulled some brights from my scrap bin.
Then  I decided to make a second from the grey and yellow palette for  my new bed quilt. I will get two chances to win now!
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Thursday, July 14, 2016

Beach Sewing!

Mostly lovely sunny breezy weather at the beach this week.
The kids put up two tents in the front yard, one for the girls and another for the boys, no gender confusion here!
 Button loves the beach endless space to roam and all kinds of unusual critter smells like crab shells.
About noon today a weather system came in with rain and overcast skies,
not sufficient to dissuade the kids from joy riding on the inner tube behind the boat, you can barely see them in this picture.
 I brought along my current project the black and white KS chevron quilt, wedding gift for our oldest grandson. You can hear the ocean from every part of the house and from where I sit I can look up and see the ocean out the adjacent window on my right.
 I am using the four at a time HST method with 10.5" squares, and I will have a big stack to cut when I get home as the 12.5" ruler I brought along is not quite long enough to easily cut the squares on the diagonal.
As you can see I have done a few but it's a little tedious.
Tomorrow I will need to rotary cut more squares and sew them together but I am done for today, it is vacation after all and it's cocktail time at the beach!
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Friday, July 1, 2016

Paying It Forward..........

Or something like that! I have been saying that the quilts are taking over our house, and I decided I would like to have family and friends enjoy them now, they have aged sufficiently!
Besides, it gives me an excuse/I made room for more creations, right?
So in addition to the two that went to Australia I decided to document where a few others have found new homes in the past month!
 The Grand Illusion quilt went to eleven year old great niece, the last quilt I made her was for her smaller bed but this one will fit the queen bed she now has. She loved the colors so I said she should have it. I will be able to sleep under it when we visit them in Boston next week and she lends us her bedroom.
The pieced backing
My Blue Heaven below, went to the same home for the guest bed in the new addition, perhaps I will sleep under this one during our winter visit!
 The quilt below I chose especially for a very dear friend with a very serious health issue
 One DIL chose the quilt below to cuddle under on her couch
Another DIlL chose the next two, one for the Phx. home and the other for their cabin in the mountains
Newest DIL loves one of my more recent creations with a very modern quilting design. It is one of my own favorites so I am happy to see her enjoy it.
And this bright and cheerful quilt went to a friend in her recent courageous and successful battle with breast cancer.
So much space now to make more quilts although the next few in the plan already have designated owners, KS quilts for wedding gifts. But at least now if I feel like making a quilt "just because" there is room for it.
Do you feel a need to justify your craving for creation.