Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Emilio's Baby Quilt

Linking up with Heather over at Needlework Tuesday
Having a quiet Memorial Day and needing a quick baby boy quilt I went to the bookshelf for inspiration, I get bored repeating the same thing.
This is the first book my hand touched so I pulled it out and chose this design.
I decided on these fabrics and proceeded to cutting. What I did not recall is that I had made one or two? Stack and Slash style quilts many years ago and that I do not like the process! I would even go so far as to say that I most emphatically dislike it!
However the dice were cast by the time I remembered and no sooner had I cut the nine patches than I realized I should have only cut four patches to at least simplify block construction. As it was the piecing took me twice as long as I had hoped and I will probably never make another S and S quilt in my life, in fact perhaps I should just give the book away, get it off the shelf so that I do not ever make the mistake again! Maybe I just don't like wonky?
  By this time I had already decided that the black and white border was not happening and I would come up with an alternative!
Here are the pesky little things laid out in order to ensure that no two same color fabrics would touch from block to block.
 The alternate borders are pleasing and the quilt now measures about 40"x50", quite satisfactory for a baby quilt
The pieced backing is nearly as cute as the front and I was able to use stash fabric.
Now to the longarm.


Heather said...

It is a very cute quilt. I do agree with you, life is too short to keep making quilts that we don't enjoy piecing. On to the next book.

Thanks for linking up with Needlwork Tuesday.

Andee said...

It turned out great, and I too love the backing! Very nice!