Friday, February 10, 2017

A Finish, Finally !

There seem to have been multiple roadblocks to completing this quilt, the past couple of weeks has been really busy. But it is done and now I can send it back to Texas where it belongs and the owner is anxiously awaiting it!
Leslie has red for the shams so she thought to have the wreath centers red 
but we discovered that the red kind of disappeared and the centers appeared blank. Hmmmm....
 So I decided to echo the red flower with the same grey I used for the rest of the quilt
and now you can see the centers, they look like Cabbage Roses to me.
The batting is Quilter's Dream black and thread is Superior Magnifico "Storm" on top and BL in the bobbin.
 I am happy with the grey "Storm" thread, I like quilting with Superior's Magnifico line it sews nicely, has attractive sheen without being in your face, and comes in a fabulous range of colors. This shade is perfect for quilting on black fabrics, it shows the quilting enough and makes it easy to see where you have been, very important in freehand quilting.