Friday, October 16, 2020

More Baby Quilts

Linda from my MeetUp group gave me a lot of strips left from various projects and as of now I have made five I think of this size baby quilt. Of course I use the wonderful Quilters Dream Angel batting, non flammable and genetically modified fibre that has no chemicals or other toxic properties. In addition is is beautifully soft and drapeable. The thread is Superior King Tut "Shekels"variegated gold.
The backing and binding are pieces left over from a couple of my own projects
This is the second of this design, the other has a yellow background but it's already packed up ready for our move. I saw a photo of one, I don't remember where, and decided to make one like it. I sewed together all the strips of pinks and purples I could scavenge from stash, backed with fusible and then cut into strips and attached to the top. I did zig zag along the edges first before ironing to the background. I might have been able to get away without the zig zagging I didn't want them to fall apart with wear and washing.

Quilting the lines fairly close togethr but a bit random makes sure it will hold together well. I envision them as floor mats for baby's tummy time as they are a bit thicker and sturdier than an average baby quilt. I will look for the yellow version tomorrow to add to this post, I am sleep deprived from last night and fading fast!

Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Attempting To Catch Up!

I saw this cute pattern and whipped up two lickety split one for my friend Gale with a new replacement knee and one for us!

 This year, the crazy catastrophic China virus year has been a challenge for almost every one on the planet. It has made my life busier than every because I was home schooling an eleven year old and trying to keep us fed and in toilet paper!
Now that young fellow is finally back in real school as of last week, several inches taller and so happy. As an only child he has been devoid of peer companionship most of the past seven months except for some playdates with the children across the street and swimming at a friend's home. We also took him to our Colorado home twice once with friends and their grandson so we tried to give him some relief from the claustrophobia and isolation. I am sure he is really tired of adults! I know for many it has not just been challenging but also tragic and to those my heart and prayers go out. Compared to many we have survived very well, praise God for that mercy, at our age we are in the danger zone so that is even more mercy.
I have had a lot of quilting, I think that all the quilters sewed like crazy often from stash or online PJ shopping. 

I will list a few of the projects from the last months, it will probably take me several tries to get through them. I have been packing all summer because we have purchased a new home, new to us, and are moving a few miles from this house to a single level larger home where I can have a dedicated studio with all of my machines and supplies in one place. I can hardly wait, but we are planning major upgrades and a large addition so it will be a while before we are situated! So I hope to keep adding to this, but wanted to let people know that we are ok and hoping all of you are too.

Hugs and love to all.



Friday, February 28, 2020

Three More Baby Quilts

All three are for the grandchildren of some friends at our church, two baby girls and a boy.
 The label is hard to read, the thread is too close a match darn it! The girls quilts are almost identical except for backing and binding. This is October's quilt [a very unusual name for a little girl I know.]
 And Avery's quilt
It has a cute pieced flannel backing
One of the fabrics looks almost orange but it is actually a nice soft salmon color, and I used a pale pink thread 
 The nursery rhyme quilt is for the boy.
 "The Cow Jumped Over The Moon" is a flannel collection from Connecting Threads, but it's a couple of years ago so there is none left anywhere I looked. Consequently I had to fill in with a striped yellow flannel that did nicely for the back also. A pale yellow thread blended in nicely. All three quilts of course have that lovely Quilter's Dream Angel batting that is genetically engineered to be non flammable, absolutely no chemicals and soft as can be.

Two More Quilts Of Valor

These are for Vietnam Helicopter Pilots Reunion in May when four QOV's will be presented to veteran's.
 This is the back of one only, no pic of the front!
 The second, lots of mainly ruler work in these quilts, it seems to suit the patriotic style blocks best

Pretty In Pink

The adorable baby girl for whom I made this quilt, Erica's granddaughter, what a doll!

Monday, January 27, 2020

"Setting Sail" Baby Quilt

For an expected baby boy, I think it's adorable. The pattern came from issue #19 of the now extinct Modern Quilts Unlimited magazine. I was very sad to see this magazine die, but I did find a substitute in an online Aussie modern quilting magazine.
The quilting is meant to resemble waves and I placed a fishy looking row at the very top and bottom. I love the clean modern look of the quilt and it's so fast and simple, once the HST's were done it went together really fast.  I used batiks for the three blues and the yellow but next time I will make more contrast between the two darker blues. I say "next time" because I am sure I will make this again.
As frequently happens in my quilting life the backing I chose from stash was a bit small so I was able to use up most of a scrap of blue to enlarge the back and make it more interesting.
And of course the wonderful soft and safe Dream Angel batting from my favorite [and really only] batting company, Quilter's Dream!

Tuesday, December 24, 2019

The Very Cheddar Quilt

An Angela quilt with major emphasis on cheddar- she is from Wisconsin, maybe that's it?
I quilted a swirl down the colored/pieced ribbon and ruler work in the cheddar-are you getting a theme here? I am hooked on rulers! When we return from vacation I have two more QOV's to quilt and you know what that means? Yep, more ruler work, LOL.

Two Comfort Quilts

This past year saw two members of our quilt group fighting cancer, and one of the members donated two quilt tops and I quilted them for these ladies
 This one was for Anne who is doing splendidly now. 
 Quilted with a freehand floral E-E and the same design in the borders.
 Very sadly our friend Limbania lost her six year battle with cancer so we took this quilt to her family and hope it will be a comfort.
 Lots of ruler work in this one.
 Another of Shiela's creative backings.

A Quilt for Aunty!

This sweet quilt's colors were chosen by an "older" lady for her bed!
So her loving niece made it for her.
E-E feathers in the body of the quilt, and feathers in the border
 Another of Shiela's interesting backings with label.

My 2018 Bonnie Hunter Mystery

Last year I decided to take the pressure off the very busy Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons and make a smaller size version of the mystery.It is around 60+" square.
I was guessing at how many of each clue I would need and came up short of one clue for the border so I had to do some creative thinking!
 Working from stash I pieced the backing.
 I started out doing ruler work for quilting but soon tired of that and ended up with an E-E for the body of the quilt.
I was not very enamored of the colors but one of my daughters in law liked it for a lap quilt for their TV room so that's where it now resides and if I wanted I could visit it LOL.

Nicky's Dinosaur Quilt

This has gone to Poland, my friend Shiela made it for her little grandson.
 The dinosaur tracks lead to Nana's house so I decided to put Nicky's footprints around the border
 Shiela's backings are always very creative.

Thursday, December 5, 2019

Erica's New Granddaughter's Quilt

We searched the web while on our recent visit to Rocky Point to find an idea for this quilt.  It turned out exactly as planned and I like it so much I will probably make a few more in the same colors, I have the fabric now! I especially like the striped binding.
 The backing is a delicious soft pink minkee, the baby will love it!

Quilt Of Valor

This one is for a Vietnam Vet, Purple Heart recipient.
The border has a variety of historical names, places and military units chosen because the recipient is a historian.
 A simple white backing shows the quilting detail, lots of ruler work which I do enjoy!

Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Baby Shower Update

Just a couple of pics of the expectant couple with their baby boy's quilt.

Thursday, October 24, 2019

A Modern Baby Boy Quilt

The baby shower is Saturday and normally I would not post quilt pics until after the event, but this couple doesn't know my website and no one else is to tell them OK? It's so easy to get busy with family, church, quilting, the gym etc not to mention a little social life and then I can fall waaaay behind with posting quilty/family updates.
The quilt is for a couple whose wedding quilt I made, you can see it here. These are their chosen colors so I followed pretty closely only omitting the darker tan.
I chose a simple design
 and pumped it up with some fun modern quilting.
 It ended up about 40+ x50
 The backing needed to be a few inches wider so I inserted a few extra blocks that were left over. I think the back is really cool and will still be interesting for baby.
 Of course I used DreamAngel batting, that wonderful product by Quilter's Dream that is genetically engineered to be flame retardant.
Shhhhh, remember the shower isn't until Saturday!

Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Trouble And Boo

If you are not familiar with Trouble And Boo Designs you can find them at this link. They have some very cute patterns, and I simply could not resist this one called"Desert Denizens", especially as we live in Arizona where they all hang out!
This sort of project is very fiddly and time consuming and for the labor invested I do not find them rewarding so I usually choose not to make them but some times it's just too tempting and this was one such a time!
I loved the simple quilting and that was what drew me to make it.
 But fussy it was, all those tiny pieces on the owls and quail. I also
cut and attached half inch wide strips to get the color variation [yellow and blue] of the pieces to the side and bottom of the quails.  The original design was a piece of striped fabric. Those little pieced blocks are also smaller than what I would normally choose.
In the end I enjoyed the project even if it did take the better part of a week to construct-but quilting was fast! Then I saw another Trouble and Boo design that lured me and I purchased the pattern-it's now on my bucket list! Some people never learn..............