Saturday, December 5, 2020

The Minkee Cabin Quilt

 A full size quilt for a four year old boy. His mom found the design on Pinterest and I discovered that the only fabric available was a custom order from Spoonflower. After a lot of searching their website I did find it and ordered a couple of yards. This is on my CK bed.

It was a new experience and I always learn a lot from trying a different technique. I sewed the borders on and loaded the backing then outline SID for the blocks . No batting, all that minkee made it quite heavy enough! I continued the lines from the center out to the borders on each side. The hardest part was the binding, it was quite challenging! There is no need for much quilting in this instance, no batting to worry about and minimal seams either. 
                             But this little fellow seems very happy with his gift, it was his birthday!

Four Baby Quilts For Leslie

 Two each for boys and girls. I did the boys first and found I was bored doing the same quilting twice in a row, so I varied the girls a little. Only one picture of the boys quilts, they were identical in design and quilting.

I don't know how well you can see the differences in the quilting, they are not major, just enough to keep my brain interested!

Elsie's Granddaughter's Quilts

 These two are panels with some borders/ blocks around them. I didn't want to outline the center panel so I decided to make a grid and it would appear you are looking out a window at this scene. 

                           I liked the result and then quilted the blocks individually and the border.
                                   A cosy flannel for the backing, perfect for these Colorado kids. 
Peacock feathers in the panel and separate border treatments for this one. No picture of the backing which is very busy and doesn't show the quilting.

Linda's Batik

 I guess this was hanging around longer than my friend liked so she decided to "git 'er done" by sending it to me to longarm!

Just an allover with a separate border, busy quilts do not benefit from full custom. The fabric design is the star.

Only Ten to Go!

Whew, I just counted ten more quilts I haven't blogged on yet. I am not a fan of the current modus operandi for Blogger, it takes more steps to complete each part and once the photos are uploaded they are hard to manipulate.I just counted seven steps to upload the pictures and then I have to still move them around and re-size them. Of course it probably doesn't help that I got so far behind and now catching up seems more of a chore than the fun it used to be. Maybe once I am caught up it will be fun again!

This beautiful quilt belongs to the very talented Shiela, who loves needle turn applique and this Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt is beautifully embellished with said applique , one of a kind.

It didn't make sense to custom quilt the center of the quilt, Bonnie's designs are so busy the quilting wouldn't show up the design so I did an E-E there and custom borders.
                                                    This is a partial view of the backing

              Then there is the Dear Jane also belonging to Shiela, these little blocks are all different, 81 of them. I used two layers of batting as usual in a wall quilt, a thinner flatter on the bottom like Quilters Dream Angel and wool on top for definition. I think it's one of Shiela's favorites and it should be, there's an enormous investment of time in those tiny blocks.
Each block is quilted as it spoke to me, but I tried to keep consistent designs throughout the quilt. I chose to leave the tiny sashings unquilted to better show off the individual blocks.

Yet More Eye Candy And Some Family Stuff!

Matthew was needing a more appropriate quilt for an eleven year old than the Mickey Mouse quilt I made him a couple of years ago. He chose this "I Spy" design and picked out all the fabrics from Grandnana's stash. I wrote a message on the bottom of the quilt.

                                                           Matthew's Choice I Spy Quilt

Made with love by his Grandnana

Roslyn Atwood Phoenix AZ

"I Love you a bushel and a peck!
Because I always sing that silly song to him and he sings along with a big smile on his face. My Mum used to sing it and he likes that it came from his Great Granny who died 8 years before he was born. He says he is sure she would love him and I am sure that she does love him from Heaven!

Matthew is growing up fast, at eleven he's now taller than me which makes him 5ft.7" today but it could be different next week! He loves to do 'handyman' work, as well as demolition and he's had lots of opportunity with his Grandfathers oversight and mentoring while our new home has been in renovation.

                                                        Our General Contractor in training

                                             He removed all the baseboards throughout the house
                                                                  Loves the power tools!
GF has been teaching him about electricity, how to match up the correct wires so he's rewiring some of the outlets!

                                                                And demolition of course
                                                              Successful removal of a wall!
Now the shed! Demolition!

More Quilts From The Past Months!

 A baby quilt, edge to edge design requested. 
Peacock feathers my fastest and most useful all over design. It fits all situations.
This stunning design I made up at 2019 retreat I think. It sat there awaiting inspiration until my muse showed up and I quilted it. From the back it appears to be a "whole quilt"

                                            And from the front you see the piecing of the design.
I just realised the pics above were from before it was bound.
                                                              Not as good a picture is it?
I plan to hang it in our new home, we are currently renovating a single storey home and adding several hundred square feet of additional space for my quilt studio and a workshop for DH. We hope to move in a couple of weeks as soon as we have a kitchen!
The next is another Hannah quilt, she is so creative her quilts are always fun to quilt and it helps that she gives me free rein!
           This one is queen size, Hannah's quilts are usually large even the baby quilts are not small!
                                          I have a blast when I can make up the quilting as I go!
The second of the two I quilted for her earlier this year I apparently forgot to photograph so I will have to see if Hannah took a photo of the entire quilt.
Another Sail Away baby quilt, this one for a girl. You can tell I love this design when I make it more than once. It was for a baby girl named Molly Grace.
I turned the scallops upside down to look like waves and at the very top and bottom went back and reversed the design so it looks sort of like fish. Maybe I should call it the "Sailfish Quilt"!
                               Substituting pink for yellow made it feminine without being too girly.
The next is another queen size for Linda's bed, it's been a few years in the making. It took a little fussing to get the pieced backing lined up, that's often a challenge especially where there are special insertions as in this quilt. there are several borders and I think Linda created the design to showcase all the co-ordinate fabrics.
The backing was very complicated piecing that had to be centered and I struggled a bit to get it all aligned.


I made up the quilting in this as I went along, trying to keep it cohesive with the different elements of design
I used a simple piano key in the border.
Then there were two shams to quilt .
                                                        Linda was happy with the final result!

Friday, October 16, 2020

More Baby Quilts

Linda from my MeetUp group gave me a lot of strips left from various projects and as of now I have made five I think of this size baby quilt. Of course I use the wonderful Quilters Dream Angel batting, non flammable and genetically modified fibre that has no chemicals or other toxic properties. In addition is is beautifully soft and drapeable. The thread is Superior King Tut "Shekels"variegated gold.
The backing and binding are pieces left over from a couple of my own projects
This is the second of this design, the other has a yellow background but it's already packed up ready for our move. I saw a photo of one, I don't remember where, and decided to make one like it. I sewed together all the strips of pinks and purples I could scavenge from stash, backed with fusible and then cut into strips and attached to the top. I did zig zag along the edges first before ironing to the background. I might have been able to get away without the zig zagging I didn't want them to fall apart with wear and washing.

Quilting the lines fairly close togethr but a bit random makes sure it will hold together well. I envision them as floor mats for baby's tummy time as they are a bit thicker and sturdier than an average baby quilt. I will look for the yellow version tomorrow to add to this post, I am sleep deprived from last night and fading fast!