Monday, August 13, 2018

Hannah's King size Quilt

 Finally got this one off the longarm. It took longer than expected and I am happy to get it in the mail and move along to the next challenge! The requested thread is 100% cotton light blue Aurifil 50wt. To my delight and surprise this thinner thread sewed well in my Prodigy machine with minimal fluff! I used Masterpiece 50wt. white cotton thread in the bobbin winding them on my trusty K-Craft Super Bobbin Winder which I highly recommend. I had minimal "pokey" issues using two different colors, Prodigy is great that way.
So the quilting is hardly noticeable on the top, and only in the center. I think a neutral off white would have been nicer, showing better in the center blocks and much better in the borders. Oh well, it isn't my quilt!
 I always love the solid backings making the quilt nicely reversible and the quilting shows well. Hannah does not like "tight quilting" so the feathers are very large and the piano key border widely spaced.
 The only way I could fill the space between the feather border and the inside blocks was to do a large meander, any other fill would have been too tight. I always enjoy the result of highlighting the secondary pattern and how it makes the blocks appear to be set on point. A little ruler work around the feather wreaths adds to the illusion.
Next up, the baby quilt for expected great granddaughter Layla, due in late October!

Sunday, July 29, 2018

Two Vacation Projects

Leslie and I managed to crank out four quilt projects on our sweat shop week back in May. Two of mine are now quilted and bound, oh happy day! This poor little color wheel was sadly lacking....something
so I came up with a stop border of the scraps and a narrow yellow/gold final border.
 With the addition of purple binding it was transformed from an ugly duckling into a colorful swan and now I love it, I might even keep it-for a while anyway to enjoy my handiwork before passing it along for someone else to enjoy. In fact I just thought of the perfect person!
The backing is from a small piece in stash and also the double layer of QD poly batting, I never throw away any but the tiniest pieces and most of those go to my friend who makes dog beds for the local shelters. There are many ways to recycle batting and fabric scraps.
 The second finish is this "Color Explosion" quilt.
 I had a lot of fun quilting this and it was good practice for a couple of different ideas.
The backing is a lovely soft flannel left from a baby quilt several years ago and just the right amount for backing and binding.
Oh happy day indeed!

Hannah's Latest Baby Quilt

Almost impossible to see the quilting on this one, the thread blended, even if you get close you really can't see where I followed the lines in the picture and added some of the bubbles.
Trying to keep the quilting a bit light and yet do justice both to the panel and to the integrity of the final product that will be laundered often.
Sometimes it's best to lay smaller quilts flat to photograph and stand on a stool. I did not do that this time!
 On the back you can see a little of the quilting. This quilt and the previous one are both back in CA. where they belong for the piecer's final touch, binding.

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

The Barbecue Quilt

From Hannah in CA. this one is for a two year old boy. It's about 60"x70", but Hannah doesn't make small quilts! 
 I wanted it it to be fun and whimsical, keeping in mind that Hannah does not like tight quilting but she does like cotton thread so I used Superior King Tut in a variegated yellow!
 I simply outlined the figures and did some casual modern sort of designs around the sashings. Utility quilts are nicer anyway not tightly quilted, they are more cozy and cuddly just how children like them!
The batting is Quilter's Dream Pink, 80/20 cotton poly

Thread Painted Flag Quilt

This is the third one of these I have made and it is for a charitable event run by our nephew in Boston to benefit Military Veterans. It is the first on my Prodigy longarm, so there was a little learning curve with the specialty threads but they were all Superior threads and behaved well once I made the adjustments. The only one I really had trouble with was "Halo" so I gave up for the moment and used others. The irridescent thread was tricky, it is so fine and delicate but it looks really pretty. I used it mostly on the flag and top and bottom borders.
Predominantly I used the metallic gold and silver which sews terrific and looks spectacular. The addition of the twenty flashing LED lights really blings it up and I hope it raises lots of money for our brave Military heroes!
On the back you can see how the LED lights are arranged. I used the eyelet stitch on my Bernina 240 then slit the little circular area and trimmed it enough to push the lights through. I also used a thin bead of "Fray Check" on front and back around each of the holes just in case it wanted to fray.The battery case with three AA batteries is secured in a little pocket. I also numbered the holes for the lights 1-20 with a permanent fabric marker in case the lights are ever removed, it might be hard otherwise, to figure out how to get them all back in place!
 Each time I have made one I am surprised at how many hours it takes to "thread paint" a small panel!

Matthew's Excellent Boston Vacation

We had a wonderful time in Boston with young Matthew who was a delightful boy, so well behaved and everything you could wish.
He embraced lots of new experiences, kite flying at the beach, too chilly to swim
Making new frames for the bee hives
                                        then working with the  beekeeper, he was very brave!
 more swimming!
Visiting the New England Aquarium
 with his cousins
Eating spaghetti on garlic bread?
A new technique!
 Learning to make pretzels, which he loves!
He also loves to pose with statues this one in Boston city!
 A visit to this amusement park on a very hot day!
But at least there were some wet rides!
 The happy result!
 We took the metro into Boston to go on the "Duckboat tour"
and the Captain invited him to take a turn at the wheel!
 Probably the highlight was the night of the Fourth Of July going out on his Uncle Scott's boat through the locks to anchor in the Charles river and jump off the boat all afternoon with his cousins!
 then enjoy the best seat in the house for the fireworks.
 The next morning we motored back to the boat landing and on the way Matthew was allowed to steer the boat.
 The final night we had a seafood feast..........
 "I'm going to eat you little lobster!"
 and he did, along with countless clams!
A memorable holiday for any child and Matthew enjoyed every minute as I did sharing it with him!
On the plane bound for home and hot and sunny Arizona.
And finally, writing a lovely thank you note to his Boston family.
It's never too soon to practice good manners.