Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Baby Shower Update

Just a couple of pics of the expectant couple with their baby boy's quilt.

Thursday, October 24, 2019

A Modern Baby Boy Quilt

The baby shower is Saturday and normally I would not post quilt pics until after the event, but this couple doesn't know my website and no one else is to tell them OK? It's so easy to get busy with family, church, quilting, the gym etc not to mention a little social life and then I can fall waaaay behind with posting quilty/family updates.
The quilt is for a couple whose wedding quilt I made, you can see it here. These are their chosen colors so I followed pretty closely only omitting the darker tan.
I chose a simple design
 and pumped it up with some fun modern quilting.
 It ended up about 40+ x50
 The backing needed to be a few inches wider so I inserted a few extra blocks that were left over. I think the back is really cool and will still be interesting for baby.
 Of course I used DreamAngel batting, that wonderful product by Quilter's Dream that is genetically engineered to be flame retardant.
Shhhhh, remember the shower isn't until Saturday!

Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Trouble And Boo

If you are not familiar with Trouble And Boo Designs you can find them at this link. They have some very cute patterns, and I simply could not resist this one called"Desert Denizens", especially as we live in Arizona where they all hang out!
This sort of project is very fiddly and time consuming and for the labor invested I do not find them rewarding so I usually choose not to make them but some times it's just too tempting and this was one such a time!
I loved the simple quilting and that was what drew me to make it.
 But fussy it was, all those tiny pieces on the owls and quail. I also
cut and attached half inch wide strips to get the color variation [yellow and blue] of the pieces to the side and bottom of the quails.  The original design was a piece of striped fabric. Those little pieced blocks are also smaller than what I would normally choose.
In the end I enjoyed the project even if it did take the better part of a week to construct-but quilting was fast! Then I saw another Trouble and Boo design that lured me and I purchased the pattern-it's now on my bucket list! Some people never learn..............

Quinceanera Quilt

 Myna chose the lavender/lilac color for her quince and also for her quilt
 I chose the design and made it to cover her bed to the floor.
The center of the quilt has a freehand feather design and the border is feathered with a piano key on the edge

As you can see Myna looks very happy with her quilt!

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

The Quinceanera

When we returned to AZ, Matthew took part in the quinceanera of one of his older cousins, and acquitted himself with aplomb, especially for a ten year old! This beautiful fifteen year old young lady chose him to be her escort for this important event which begins with a solemn Mass where the young woman dedicates herself to an upright and godly life.
The escort's role here is to walk her into the church and present her at the altar. Then his part in the church ceremony is done, her parents and godparents take over for the remainder of the ceremony. He will later escort her into the reception.
 Pictures after the Mass
Myna and her "court".
I am calling this the "presentation dance", it's choreographed with all of the "court". That's Myna's eleven year old brother on the left.
 Dancing with Yessenia-mom
And with Nana. Pretty good moves for a ten year old!
 A family photo op
And La Familia Figueroa, Nana-Nana, grandchildren and great grandchildren!
 What a grand event and the Atwoods were much gratified to be invited to be a part of it.

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Boston Summer Adventure

We had a grand time at the Tree Top Adventure in Canton MA. And yes, that would be me in the picture below, I had a blast on this very challenging three hour obstacle course along with Matthew, his twin cousins and our nephew. Telephoto lens comes ion handy at these events!
 Along with the obstacle parts of the course there are several zip lines.
Some difficult parts took both balance and strength.
 Matthew did great, this was his second time on such a course, his first was a couple of years ago in NZ.
Nephew and his son set up for another zipline.
We enjoyed a stage production of The Wizard Of Oz,
and after the production were able to go backstage to meet some of the crew!
 Including the not-so-scary Wicked Witch!
A visit to the coast would not have been complete without beach time!
And a sweet treat after all that surfing!

Great Grandson's Baby Quilt

Great Grandchild #4 is due any day, literally, probably tomorrow. I took the theme and colors from the baby shower invite that featured a little cowboy. I found this fabric line from last year but had to do quite a bit of researching to find everything I needed and ended up with enough left over for at least two more quilts!
 The line featured a panel with this cowboy figure and accessories, so I made them up to decorate Dawson's room.
The fabric is adorable isn't it?
I quilted it kind of modern with a different design in each row
 The backing is the brown version in the line and the label is embroidered directly onto the back, my preferred method if I remember before I start quilting it!
PS. Baby Dawson is set to arrive tomorrow!

Monday, October 14, 2019

Catching Up from July!

This will take a few posts, it's been a busy summer for travel, family and quilting. The first two are from my friend in Texas, this quilt was a project we did together and we both struggled with the extemporaneous piecing, though I think I really disliked it a lot more than Leslie! You can see mine below with a pale blue background.
 The cute pieced backing
Leslie's is much more striking with the black background but this is a child's quilt so they both will be fine!
 My backing also pieced, I really do try to use what is on hand as much as possible.
This next one Leslie really did not like so I gave it a good quilting and she was quite happy with it then to give away!
I quilted a freehand E-E floral design and a piano key border.
The two quilts below were pieced by Shiela and donated to our quilt group for gifts to two of the members who struggled with cancer. I quilted them and they were delivered to the recipients.
 This is a scrap quilt from Kaffe Fassett bits and pieces, too precious to discard! It made up beautifully and I plan to try one similar once I accumulate enough Kaffe scraps! Quilted freehand floral and separate borders with the same design
 I love this scrappy quilt with the stars so much that I am collecting 1.5" strips to make my own!
Such a happy quilt and all from 1.5" strips, 2" squares for the star points and 3.5" squares for the star center. Shiela copied the idea from Celeste one of our other quilt group members and they both say it is a fast and easy way to use small scraps.
 Quilted with quarter inch lines around each tiny piece [yes I know I am crazy but I enjoy ruler work!] and a separate sashing design.
 I love the pieced backing and made the effort to center it to make it a reversible quilt
I have much more quilting to show from my summer and a little family adventures too!