Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Paris Quilt

I have been out of the loop a couple of weeks, the week before last we took a quick trip up to the CO. house to make some changes there and the day after we returned early hours of Sunday morning my appendix ruptured. The pain woke me from sleep, it was odd because normally there would be pain well ahead of the rupture but not in this case.
After emergency surgery I was in the wonderful Mayo Hospital until discharge on Friday. I think my body has taken a beating the last six weeks or so between the no good very bad terrible flu and the ruptured appendix. It's going to take a while to climb out of this one but I am on restrictions the next six weeks only walking, no gym!
This quilt was done the day before I had the appendix explosion, and has sat awaiting Sueann's finishing touches, it's for her daughter Amber who loves all things Parisienne! I think it's Sueann's first completed quilt, as a busy NP  there is not a lot of time for quilting. It's a very simple framing of the Eiffel Tower panel but I think Amber will love it, Sueann has to bind it then it will be all finished.
 Maybe next Saturday we can bind the quilt, I know Amber is anxious for it!
It finished up at 52"x72" for a lap quilt.