Wednesday, May 7, 2014

A Little More On The Wedding Quilt!

Next challenge is to scavenge as much yardage as possible from the gown. 
 The tape measure indicates seams.
Here I have added the dimensions of the sections that make up the skirt. I decided to forgo pressing until I launder the fabric to remove discoloration, fearing that heat may set the unwelcome stains.
I do not have EQ so I am wondering if there might be some other program that would show me how to divide up this fabric into the most useable blocks given that I need everything I can get to make a full size quilt.
That's where I am right now, I knew this would be the most difficult part of the project and once I figure that out it should go smoothly. Any ideas or suggestions are most welcome!
On a more productive note, I went looking for binding for the "Jacks" quilt and found more than half of what I needed already made, left from other quilt projects. 
I added a few more bits from my scrap collection and ended up with a nicely scrappy finish. It's always a good feeling to have another quilt "done, done".

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Cactusneedle said...

Have you "stretched out" the waist gathers? How much difference is there in the waist measure and hem measure of each section? They look like they might be pretty close. Also, are you going to cut on the straight of grain or just go for the most yardage? Do you know what size pieces you are going to cut? Questions, questions! lol