Friday, May 23, 2014

Friday Non-Quilting Fun!

Needed a few things I can only get at Cabela's so since I was feeling much better, mostly over the nasty tummy virus thingy I had this week, after the gym I headed over there.
It's such an interesting store, everything from A-Z for the outdoor person, for fishing, hunting, boating etc. and lots of workout clothes too. If you have never been in a Cabela's you would be amazed at just what you can buy there it's huge store, lot's of shoes, sandals and a wide selection of casual wear plus all kinds of other things.
 This display in the center of the store is really amazing, waterfall and all!
It's a magnet for kids……….
 they feel as if they are out in the woods!
 Then I saw a couple of things that I had to buy for my quilter/hunter friend. 
This is a belated gift for her birthday…...
 and this I will set aside for another day, it's just her style, LOL, and I couldn't resist it! Her entire home is all cowboy/cowgirl and hunting theme, even the bathrooms. 
For myself some new safety glasses among other things, and a couple of items I can't show because the intended recipient may look at the blog!
Last night I began to sew the wedding gown silk pieces together and I am hoping to have an update on that tomorrow, it's a busy day but mostly the morning including doing a blood donation, but I should be back at the machine after lunch.
With Memorial Day almost here, please go give blood if you are able, do it for the veterans.

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