Saturday, March 30, 2013

Friday, March 29, 2013

Why "Good" Friday?

So why is the day of Jesus' crucifixion called “Good Friday?" 
Well, no one really knows! In various countries Good Friday is also called Holy Friday, Black Friday, Great Friday, Long Friday, and Silent Friday.
One reason for the name may be that although what Jesus suffered in crucifixion is horrifying, it resulted in our sins being forgiven and the restoration of our relationship with God. That is indeed good news for Creation.
When Jesus said, “It is finished,” he bowed his head and gave up his spirit, (John 19:30).
These are Jesus' final words from the cross and part of "the seven last words of Christ."
 However it is interesting to note that in the Greek, "it is finished" is actually only one word, “Tetelesthai”!  
In Colossions 2:14 St.Paul explains that “the written charge against us is cancelled, nailed to the Cross,” every sin ever committed is forgiven.
 In Roman times "tetelesthai" meant ”the debt is paid in full,” it only remains for each of us to say “yes” to the offer.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

March BOM Blocks

Last night I stayed up until midnight finishing the four BOM blocks for March. They each measure 12.5". 
Today I purchased the second fabric for the wedding gift quilt, the white on cream. The other fabric which I really wanted wasn't reasonably accessible so I chose this one, I think it will be OK.
I bought eight yards, probably will need around six but I am not taking any chances and this sort of neutral fabric will always come in handy. This photo represents about a 3'x4" swatch.
So I can begin working on that kingsize quilt this week, the planned size is around 110" square. The zig zag design will go together fast I think, I will use the four at a time HST method for the blocks.
There is still one more of those green quilts awaiting quilting but I plan to get it done Saturday with my new Circle Lord, then they can both be mailed out next week. As long as I can bounce back and forth between the sewing machine and the longarm it will benefit my back!

In Memory...............

Of a beautiful soul, a joyful, delightful lady and a quilter to the last.
Rebecca Steiner, 1917-2013
Photo taken recently on her 96th. birthday.
Rebecca was a member of the Montrose CO. Huggy Bunch Quilters.
She will be sorely missed by her devoted husband Fred and their family and everyone who knew her.
There wil be a hole in our Huggy Bunch group too.
We all admired her greatly, I used to tell Rebecca that she was my role model.
Her favorite colors were red and purple.
Requiescat in pace, Rebecca, you have earned your reward.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Green Pinwheel Quilt

All done, and I am quite happy with it.
 I think the leafy custom quilting gives life to the monotone green and is in keeping with the organic color. I used Aurifil #50wt. 100% cotton thread in a pale green.
The owner of this quilt sent me two rather similar green tops to quilt, the other will get an edge to edge design. These quilts go to Florida so the light weight Hobbs batting will be perfect for the warm climate.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

The weekend........

Not nearly as productive as I hoped but something at least. About two thirds of this quilt is done and the  plan is to have it finished tomorrow.
 The leafy quilting is pleasing, and I really like the Aurifil thread both color and performance.
 To my surprise, as thin as this thread is at only 50wt., stitching at hight speed on the longarm has not caused any thread breakage.
The thread is so nice and light it doesn't look heavy with all the backtracking, so I am inclined to order a few more colors. Should be ready to load the next top tomorrow.
Now I am off to bed to catch up on sleep, last night was one of those sleepless ones!

Friday, March 22, 2013

Friday, No Progress!

My week with The Boy so I have little to report, but next week should be very productive. DH will be in CO. with the oldest DGS's for spring break skiing/snowboarding so I am a single lady for a week, yippee! No cooking, laundry or cleaning required.
 I do have another quilt to plan- a graduation gift. The young lady would like grey with black and cream accent. She chose this design that I think will work well in neutrals.
The pattern is in this issue of McCall's Quilting magazine
I made a grayscale version and I think it will work nicely.
I have appropriate blacks and creams in stash but need more grey! LOL, how odd that I decide to make a grey quilt then have requests for two more! I spent a while online at and found a few fabrics that may work. I will check locally first before I order, but I suspect I will still need to buy online. It is unfortunate for the local stores that in order to find the widest selection we often discover that we are better off letting our fingers do the work rather than our automobiles! And the savings in gas more than compensates for postage, e.g. to drive to the 35th. Avenue quilt store I would spend $7-8 in gas and that is just one store I would need to cover. These days I am more than ever sensitive to the need to reduce auto use to save $$$!
 A close up of the greyscale photo shows the detail of some of the fabric patterns. I think once I decide on each of the fabrics the quilt will go together fast.
With my recent purchase of the Circle Lord system for my longarm, I think I will use the Swirls templates. They quilt up like this.
Pretty cool, eh?

Saturday, March 16, 2013

News Flash!

This just in:

Dear Roslyn,

CONGRATS!  You are the winner of our Rose Parade 1/2 yard bundle, over on the Fort Worth Fabric Studio Blog!   I'm so happy you won! 

Please email me back with your full name/address and we will ship the bundle right away!

Have a super weekend!
Warm regards, 
Jodie Heinold
Fort Worth Fabric Studio
 OMGosh are't these simply beeootiful! I loved them as soon as I saw them and am thrilled to be able to add them to my stash. I hope to use them soon in a lovely, girly quilt, something simple to show off the fabrics. Any suggestions?  
Thank you Jodie and Fort Worth Fabric Studio for this very generous gift, you made my day go from grey to gorgeous! 

About Quilt Labels

This week was not very productive sewing wise, I loaded a quilt on the LA then decided I did not have appropriate thread so I had to order. Drat. This is one client who prefers 100% cotton everything so I keep some King Tut and Signature cotton thread but not a huge inventory. I wanted a finer thread than either of the aforementioned which are 40wt. Threads are numbered sort of backwards in that 20wt is heavy/thick, and 60wt is fine and thin, go figure. I think it was just some man who made this one up- he didn't make clothing sizes run that way though!
The thinnest cotton thread seems to be 50 and 60wt so I ordered a spool of Aurifil 100%cotton 50wt. to be on the safe side for use on a high speed quilting machine. I will report back after I have tried it. I have lots of 60wt thread which I love all by Superior Thread Co. but none of that is cotton, it's either polyester [So Fine and Bottom Line] or trilobal polyester, Art Colors and Highlights. Someone on my professional quilters list suggested Presencia so I will look into that too for the future.
But I digress, this post is about quilt labels! No quilt should leave your hands without one and it needs to contain some information of a provenance nature. Normally at a minimum that would include the recipient's name, reason for the gift [Christmas, birthday, wedding etc or "just because you love them"] the maker's name and location, and the date.
The labels above are for Wounded Warriors so I do not know specific names, and the organization does not want us to put personal info. for safety/privacy.
However using first names is ok, and I like to do that because it tells the recipient that this quilt was made specifically by a person who wanted to bless a military hero and not just mass produced in anonymity.
One more thing about labels and their importance-you may not know it but there is quite a problem with lost quilts, many of them stolen-from various places, in transit on route to their destinations, from vehicles, classroom walls, exhibits, quilt shows, quilt stores etc. In case you are skeptical you may check this website "Lost Quilt Come Home", some of the stories will break your heart!
Of course it is easy enough to remove a label, unless you take a couple extra precautions. Attaching the label to the backing before quilting makes removal somewhat daunting once it is quilted on, and if you write the pertinent information under the label with an archival permanent marker it will make removal of your provenance extremely unlikely. If you read a few of the articles on these "lost quilts" most appear to have been stolen and the labels hand sewn. FYI .

I made these labels on the Brother PE700 11 that I purchased a couple of years ago specifically for quilt labels, although for an inexpensive, dedicated embroidery machine it does much, much more and includes a 5"x7" hoop size.
Because I am a Mac person I have been limited to what the machine could do using the touch screen for their few fonts, one line at a time, so time consuming.  However, an enterprising company came up with software for Mac to run embroidery designs, hallelujah! I recently purchased this software called "Embrilliance Essentials" and the labels above are my first experiment into the program.
First I had to read the manual and figure out the software but being Mac based it is user friendly. The other challenge is that I do not know my machine's capabilities really well so there was a lot of trial and error, I bought it online and never went to an orientation class! I was in regular contact via messaging with my really techie TX friend who has a Bernina embroidery machine-the very person who recommended the software- to ask her help too, what did we ever do without the internet [thanks Al, LOL] and smart phones!
BTW, did you know that the correct terminology for the way we write text messages is "text orthography"? I looked it up after a discussion with a DS who insist that "texting" is not a real word!
There is a Windows version also and I do recommend this software, the tech support is amazing.  After receiving a prompt answer to my email I was fairly amazed to have the designer actually call me to be sure I understood!
 Hmmmm, wonder if he knew I was blonde...............

Monday, March 11, 2013

Monday Quilting Update

After adding a lot more quilting circles I am calling this done and ready to bind!
 I am still not sure if I will ever make random circles like that in the future, it isn't as effective as I had hoped. Maybe now there are too many circles?  Probably I should have used a wool batting too, and there would have been better definition. Well, one thing is sure, it will never fall apart in the wash!
In an attempt to add "something" I even went back over it with some red thread circles, that you can hardly even see! Sigh.............
I have a choice of binding and I think I will use the darker grey to frame the quilt. I can use the light grey on the next quilt I need to make, a KS for a wedding gift.
And, while I am on the subject, you may remember this lovely P and B Textiles fabric from this Modern Mystery quilt? I need more because I plan to use both it and the grey pin dot from the MM for the wedding quilt. Fortunately I found another bolt of the grey and purchased all of that but there's only three yards of this cream on cream and I probably need another three.
So, if anyone comes across it please, please let me know, ok?
I did list it on the Missing Fabric website.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Not Quite "Finished For Friday"

No blogging for over a week, it's our week to have The Boy and in addition I was out of town one entire day.
The idea was to quilt this Mystery Modern Quilt with multiple, random, overlapping circles, but I think it needs more! I ordered a couple of larger, 7" and 9", circle templates and will re-load the quilt on the longarm to add more stitching, perhaps that will please me better!
 Circles are too much a similar size...........
 and not random enough.
I knew that I needed more large templates and I probably should have been less impatient and waited until they came! Lesson learned, I hope.
Here is a little progress report on the comet wall hanging. The squares are sewn together vertically and now I just need to sew all sixteen rows together and decide on borders.