Wednesday, April 29, 2009


I missed last week but I'm back for this Thursday. Just got too busy to blog between the lost kitty & other stuff!
Colorado Lady hosts VTT so you can follow all the other VTT bloggers from her blog.

This week I have these two chairs to show. We acquired them around 1970 when DH was taking a photography class & went to an old warehouse to take pics. He found two old chairs, brought one home & showed me the photo of the other one this darling little chair & I made him go back & get it! Of course it looks different now, the original was a stained wood color.

I have no idea of it's age but I would guess 30's or so? The seat was wood originally & it was in reasonable condition just needed some TLC but a few years ago I painted it white [gasp] & put the padded seat on. I think it's charming & it now graces our guest room with a couple of ladylike throw pillows!
It is obviously a ladies chair, it's much too delicate for any of my grown men, but it was our oldest DS's chair for many years & it lived in his room. If he ever has a daughter I will give it to him! Maybe even if he has a boy..........

The other chair is an old oak piece with some rather lovely carving in the back and quite comfy to sit in. It was very weathered & DH restored it nicely.

Now, can any of you guess what this chair was used for before you read any further?

If you guessed a commode chair you would be right! We call it "The Potty Chair" & it resides in our bedroom & is a repository for DH's cast off clothing! [Beats the floor or the top of the door, lol!]
The lid & the front panel were missing so DH replaced them but they are now lighter in color because the older wood of the rest of the chair has darkened in the past 40 yrs. since we got it.

When you lift the lid here is what you see! A genuine vintage German potty! I found it while we were living in Germany in the '70's & it was the perfect complement for the potty chair.

It has a German maker's mark on the bottom but I have no idea what it is, it's quite faint.

To get the potty out there is a little trapdoor in the back of the chair-I can't get it open tonight, obviously we haven't used it lately, lol!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Double Delight Done!

It has been more than a week since I posted, not sure what happened but it seemed to be a very busy week. I took pity on a lovely marmalade cat either lost or abandoned in the nearby park where we walk daily. She was mewing & following everyone who would talk to her & I was afraid the coyotes would get her. She was very hungry & friendly & looked young & healthy. So between us my friend Terry & I rescued her & kept her[mostly in Terry's garage] until I found a loving home for her with the daughter of a friend. She is such a lovely kitty, very calm & comes when called, litter trained etc. She went easily in the crate & didn't get car sick! I didn't want to take her to a place where her hope of being adopted would be small so I networked all week, emailing & calling until Saturday when I hit pay-dirt, & Sunday kitty went to her new home. A nice happy ending, I will be checking on her in a few days just to see how she is doing & what they find out after a vet visit.

I finished the binding on the DD this afternoon and it is a good feeling to have another quite- large project completed though I confess that I was working on the quilting till the wee small hours of this morning! You can see that I used up most of my leftover 3 1/2" blocks to fill in the border, didn't have enough fabric otherwise. This quilt is total stash & a lot of scraps though I never really seem to make a dent in them!
I have been wanting to try a freehand quilting design similar to a Baptist Fan & I thought that this quilt would be a good place to experiment. I need to take a couple more pics of the borders.
I will buy some more of those black clips I'm using to attach the quilt to the rail because the weight of the quilt causes it to sag on the display rack, the clips are too far apart. I can pick them up tomorrow at Harbor Freight or HD .

I think I will be experimenting further with this kind of quilting design, I can imagine several ways to vary it other than the straight rows[more random] or the flat ends on the arches and it is a great all over for a busy quilt that needs a good amount of quilting to secure all of the little pieces. I am so anti pantograph that I will do almost anything to avoid them!

I tried to get a good close up of the back but that seems to work better if the quilt is flat on a bed or the floor & it's still hanging on the rack.

I also made a few more laptop bags, I'm going to open an Etsy store after we return from our visit to my family DownUnder. I now have these 5 ready.
I am honing the pattern, the last three I quilted the fabrics first then cut out the pieces but that meant I had to do a lot of binding of raw edges. I replaced the closures with velcro rather than snaps & sewed a small pocket on the inside to hold a credit card or something like that. I am still pondering the need for all of that binding & trying to think of a way to avoid it.

We haven't seen baby Matt for a couple of days, JW was in class tonight so maybe we will go by & see them tomorrow evening. Jonathan is still working on his application for Medical School & catching up on labs etc that he had to postpone due to his son's birth!
I saw the wee boy Saturday when I took over another meal for his parents, & DH took the pics. below on Thursday last.

Looking quite wide awake, he is one day short of 2 weeks here.

Getting ready for..............

a big yaaaaaawn!

That's it's folks!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Online Quilt Festival

Amy at parkcitygirl.blogspot is doing something new, sponsoring an online quilt festival through April 24th.
We are to choose a favorite quilt & write about it then list it on her blog.
So far there are nearly 300 quilters posting their favorites for our viewing pleasure & oh yes, Amy has lined up a list of wonderful sponsors with "door prizes" so come on & join in the fun.

I find it difficult to choose, I have many favorites but perhaps one that stands out recently [I completed it about a year ago] is the quilt I made to celebrate the ordination to the Diaconate of my friend Kris. The photo above was before I quilted it, can't seem to find the photo of the entire finished quilt[ I will keep searching!] but below are a few close-ups after quilting.

And here is a pic. of Kris with the Bishop during the ordination service.

I have made many versions in varying colors & sizes, I call it "The Resurrection", my first attempt below I dedicated to my mother.
There are others on my webshots [URL in the sidebar] that I have made for birthdays, graduations, ordinations, or a special thank you, around 20 in all I believe though I don't have photos of all of them. Occasionally I simply forget to take a photo but I also had a computer melt down a couple of years ago & lost most all of my quilt photo records.
Some "Resurrection" quilts I have made on commission like this one above.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Vintage Thingies Thursday

This week I thought I'd show off my vintage piano. It's an old Kohler & Campbell Studio piano. It is solid mahogany, weighs tons & even with its wheels still takes 14 strong men to get it anywhere, LOL! I'm not sure of its age as I haven't done any investigation but I suspect the '40's. It came out of the Enlisted Officer's Club at Ft.Hood TX. in the 70's and although I don't have a photo of it's original condition it cost me $125 so just use your imagination!
The part below the keyboard was completely absent & had to be replaced, there were cigarette burns all along the ledge above the keys & even some burn marks on the ivories but you can see they are all in good shape now. I paid big bucks for restoration at the time & with all the subsequent moves it has had a few dings since then but overall it's in nice condition.
I no longer play [really, once in a great while I will play around a bit] I am too out of practice & my hands suffer with arthritis.

Above the piano hangs this watercolor Grand Piano quilt, not vintage I made it in the 90's!

Here is my Mum's old Hymn Book, she played organ & piano for church most of her life, see her initials, E.J.B. This is probably 40's or 50's vintage I would guess
The music bench was purchased after I acquired the piano & came with some old sheet music that brings back memories, some of it is real old timey! Anyone remember "Dance with a dolly with a hole in her stocking while her knees keep a-knocking & her toes keep a-rocking..........."? My Mum used to sing that one & many others my children would really laugh at that I think were 30's & 40's tunes!

I can't tell the age of this music but the prices on these books range from $1.50 up to $2.95 for "Jesus Christ Superstar"!

This piece suggests " excellent for three boys to play in recital," hmmmm yes I can see that now!

This selection is even older because they begin at 55c - 65c & the one on top I brought from Australia, it cost 5 shillings. I only know it was printed earlier than 14th. Feb.1966 when Australia made the move to decimal currency!

Now mosey on over to Colorado lady's blog & check out all the other VTT blogger's offerings.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Another UFO Finished!

This is my NY Eve mystery that is now out of the UFO status & into the "done done" category. the backing is the same as the focus fabric as is the binding.

The Old Tobacco Road mystery qult from Bonnie Hunter at is a total scrap quilt, everything came out of stash & the little patches are "kitchen sink" scrapped, so the blue in there is quite a different & unexpected "pop". I finished it a few weeks ago but couldn't take a good photo until DH had completed my display rack. Neither quilt yet has a home & they are both too large for QOV's, OTR is actually queen size.
I am now able to hang quilts for photography instead of doing a contortionist act trying to take pics of them laid out on the floor! DH made a pulley system for me up in the loft so I can clip the quilts to a board [painted the same color as the wall] & hoist them up, it's really great! A couple of other quilters on my groups had mentioned their systems & one sent me some info. that we were able to use to construct my set up.
Since baby Matthew & his Mum came home from hospital yesterday, I made sausage rolls for the new parents & I will take those & brown rice & cabbage slaw to them for their evening meal- of course that means I also can take a peek at new GS, there is method in my madness!
Oh PS. Thearica  is celebrating her daughter's birthday with  a SUPER GIFT!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Day- and more of baby Matthew!

Yesterday I was quite domestic in between visiting baby Matthew[& his parents!] in the hospital. I made home-made marshmallows & some of my special biscotti, red & white with white chocolate frosting.

I took some of each to friends & to youngest DS who was of course hanging out with Madeleine & their new baby at the hospital.
We were again fortunate to be invited to a friend's wonderful annual Easter luncheon after Easter worship service. I wish I had taken more photos because everything this lady does is five star! Their beautiful home and park-like setting are perfect for entertaining, add in exquisite attention to detail & always an interesting mix of company & you have a delightful event!

I have only two pics, one of the "Easter tree", I love it, so very whimsical, feminine & spring-like. Behind it you can just barely see the fabulous crystal chandelier that hangs over the large kitchen island, I seriously covet that chandelier even though I have absolutely nowhere to display such a wondrous thing! How fine is that, a glorious chandelier in the kitchen!

The second photo is of the table centerpiece, everything made by our hostess. She is a very talented lady with a true gift of hospitality.
Next time we are invited I will try to remember to take more photos!
I have a couple more baby pics., warning folks, you may be exposed to these on a regular basis from now on!
Ah, what can I say, Grandmother is besotted, Grandfather too I might add!

This one came off DH's camera from Friday, little Matthew was maybe 20 minutes old & it was the first time I held him. The spots on my shirt are the tears I could not stop, you can see my eyes are overflowing but DH insisted that I smile for the camera!
It is a long time since I last held a beautiful baby Matthew Atwood in my arms.

This sweet photo I took late this afternoon as Matthew's Grandfather was having his little cuddle. Baby Matthew is 2 days old!
Tomorrow I hope to get back to quilting the NYE mystery on the LA.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Welcome Baby Matthew

We have a new baby, as of 4.40 p.m. today, Good Friday. Baby Matthew really wanted to make his appearance naturally & tried for 12 hours but he sort of got stuck & Madeleine needed a Ceasarean Section. Both are well, he is an 8lb. little doll & everyone is thrilled & relieved. Heaps of photos of course & here are just a few!

Proud Mumma & Daddy before delivery.....

Straight out of the O.R. poor little chap was scrunched down for hours trying to get out.
Older brother Andrew says JW looks like a "Klingon"[Star Trek] wearing the mask on his head.......!

Nurse doing a check shortly after birth.....pricked his heel for a drop of blood & he did not like that, hollered his protest.
Daddy Jonathan & Uncle Andrew......

Baby Matthew is holding fast to Mummy's finger!
DH & yours truly with Mother & Babe!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Another flimsie!

My New Year's Eve Mystery quilt top is ready to go on the LA, maybe tomorrow. I laid it out on the bed & it certainly is um.......... cheerful! The focus fabric was on sale after Christmas 75% off at one of my favorite quilt shops, Bernina Connection, it was too good a deal & someone will love it- won't they? It sort of looks a little retro to me.
I will probably quilt an over-all flowery thing, I have enough of the focus print for backing & binding & all of it came from stash, woohoo. With any luck I can get another UFO off the list this week. Then I must get back to putting together the blocks for the Double Delight Mystery, all I lack are the setting triangles & borders.
No news on the baby front, baby Matthew is still hanging out comfy as can be in Mumma's tummy! Can't say the same for poor little Mumma Madeleine, she is decidedly uncomfortable at this stage!
Tomorrow will be fun I am meeting LA'er friend Debbie at Quiltz to choose fabric for a B&W quilt for her DIL then we will have lunch. I don't often get the opportunity to hang out with my friends so I do treasure those times.
Debbie too has an awesome little Aussie Terrier named Lucy-Lucy is a bird dog, LOL, she likes to catch birds but is more successful at it than Button, or maybe they have more birds in their large fruit tree laden yard! Her owners feel badly about the unfortunate birds, & Debbie said that while we have a nice dog they have Lizzie Borden!! I'm not so sure I would put it like that because Button can charm the birds out of the trees, but then she likes to make a "between meal snack" of them!  Like all "Aussies", Button will chase anything that moves & if she catches it & it's edible then, well, it's edible,LOL [unless we catch her in time].

Here she is on the squirrel hunt in the log pile in CO.last week, "I know that dratted rodent is here I saw it run under the logs, I can smell it...." this was during a big spring snowstorm.

"Now where did it go......?"

Sigh.....what are you gonna do, it's simply the laws of nature!

PS. Pat emailed me that the Koala quilt came today, so now I have an extra Gari, what was your address again?!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Baby Matthew's Cuddle Quilt

The first quilt I made for this soon- to- be- baby boy was quite large so I thought I'd make a second, a "cuddle " quilt & the larger one can stay in the crib. I used some of the bits left over from the original then purchased other pieces to make enough for this 44" square "Scrappy Twist" design from Bonnie Hunter & I even scrapped the binding. I now have it quilted, bound & labeled & ready to go to the new nursery.

Kind of eye popping isn't it?!

The back is minkeee and a lot calmer & you can see I quilted it with an all-over freehand swirl.

And just so there can be no mistaking the purpose of this little quilt here is the label!

My other finish this weekend was another little Koala quilt-the quilt that I gave away on the blog was mailed to Pat from Iowa & sent First class mail on March 19th. & still has not arrived. I will be mailing this off to Pat in the next day or so, but this time it will go Priority with delivery confirmation, I have had very good results that way. I had thought that this small packet would be fine First Class, see what I get for thinking?! Maybe it will show up before I can get this in the mail...............hmmmmmmmm.