Tuesday, April 30, 2013

A little Tut On The Wedding Quilt

I have had some enquiries about the construction of the grey and white wedding quilt. I did not have a pattern but it is a super simple design.
I used 10" squares of the two fabrics and sewed them right sides together all around the outer edge with a 1/4" seam as below.
 Then I cut the squares twice corner to corner like so.
Each produces 4 seven inch HST's.
Every other row is reversed.
Sewn together  to make the offset chevron
The king size quilt required 289 squares, 17x17 rows, measuring about 108" square. To see the wedding quilt scroll back a couple of posts.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Baby Boy Quilt

My neighbor's daughter in London is expecting a baby boy this summer so he needs a quilt! Blue has been requested with "diamond shapes", and it just so happens that I had a lot of blocks left from another quilt. With the addition of a couple of dozen more blocks it made up into a blue quilt with diamond shapes!
 I think it will do nicely, don't you? It was quite fortuitous that those orphan blocks were hanging around waiting to be made into a quilt! it's scrappy but monotone so it doesn't appear as scrappy.
The rest of the orphan blocks came in handy to enlarge the backing to fit.
The photo of the back is a bit washed out, I will take  a better one after the binding is done.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

King Size Wedding Gift Quilt!

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 Yep, king size, about 108" square.
 Back of quilt below, I inserted left over blocks to spice up the back.
 Just needs labels and binding, whew it's a big one!

Friday, April 26, 2013

Quilted Postcards In The Mail

Heather over at "Send A Postcard A Week" had a giveaway a few weeks ago of a quilted postcard made by her Mother and my name was drawn.
I received this week not one but two lovely cards, she said that her Mom got going and couldn't stop!
Heather's Mother thought these would be perfect for my son's memorial Christmas tree I set up each year and they will be there, thank you Heather and your Mom.
Heather has a new card up this week that is really pretty too, take a look here.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Graduation Quilt Top

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Friday, April 12, 2013

Friday's "Not Quite Finished!"

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Being somewhat OCD I like to have order and few "unfinished" or "in transition"projects.
Out in the longarm area there are a couple of boxes of quilts ready to mail one filled with six QOV's and the other a couple of quilts ready to be returned to the piecer. Unquilted tops are stored in a cabinet so the area looks reasonably tidy but my working studio is a different matter!
On the design wall is Yessenia's graduation quilt for her Master's degree next month, and on the cutting  and sewing tables Carina and Rob's wedding quilt also for next month!
Yessenia's quilt lacks only the bottom border as I await delivery of one more yard of the outer border fabric- BTW I was super lucky that thousandsofbolts.com had just one yard of the fabric left, that was an almost disaster!
 Nearby is the comet quilt [hanging over the embroidery machine cart] that needs quilting, and on the chair back the Modern Quilt awaiting its binding. This is a very small room so every inch has a purpose.
Now to explain a little about the development of Yessenia's quilt; this is the original pattern from a McCall's magazine, but the young lady wanted it in neutrals, grey, black, cream.
Having selected the nine fabrics I was very careful to label each piece with the size and replacement order as I went along and I was very glad that I did or piecing would have been a nightmare of confusion.
But I found I also needed to make up a guide, a key, to more easily identify the fabric substitutions since placement is what ensures this design's appeal.
Numbering the fabrics helped in identification but I did lot of checking and double checking, check twice, sew once, and it worked to forestall frogging and resewing!
When the middle of the quilt was pieced and pinned on the wall I found there was one fabric that offended me, can you spot it? And to my disappointment the quilt appears bland and uninteresting.
 This is the culprit, the odd fabric,
 it is just too far into the blue range, although it doesn't appear as offensive in the photo as in reality. Anyway, the quilt is kind of blah to me, something missing, it needs a bit of punch so let's think outside the box! Time to audition a few possibilities from the stash and after rejecting a couple this black print hit the bull's eye, organic and with just enough pattern to catch the eye but not overwhelm! Thank heavens for the stash!
 It has just enough pattern and was the accent the design needed- and I was a happy quilter! It took perhaps an hour to remove the offending pieces, only four, and replace them with the black.
Today I will work on the wedding quilt and see how far I can get piecing the almost 400 blocks.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Two More "Nine Patches"

Well it occurred to me on further consideration, that Irish Chain quilts are actually 9 patches of a sort.
The color wash irish Chain below was made for a niece, the colors were planned and collecting the fabrics was about a two year process. I failed to take more than this one photo before it was mailed, but you get the idea.
 The one below was made to use up some leftover fabrics from another project I think, it's been a long time since I made these two.
 I am now wondering how many other 9 patches will show up from my past!

Friday, April 5, 2013

Nine Patch Quilts

I was browsing through some recent posts of my blog friend Heather over at "Books and Quilts" and she was talking about a joint project with her Mother and asked "Have you done a project with 9 patch blocks?" and invites her readers to leave a link to their own 9 patch projects.
Thinking back over my years of quilting I could only come up with two, although I have made many Disappearing 9 Patch quilts and after I became bored with those, Disappearing 9 Patch Second Generation!
The first 9 Patch I recall doesn't even look like a 9 patch! I had ventured into the realm of watercolor quilts and decided after the first one that the blocks were a wee bit small at 2" but being the OCD type told myself I had to use up all the left over pieces before moving on to a slightly larger size [2.25"] and decided upon 9 patches as the most efficient means of freeing myself from them!
I sorted them into groups of 9 from light to dark and began to sew them together, then I sewed the 9 patches together beginning with the darkest at the bottom and moving through to the lightest at the top.
Once finished, bordered and bound, it looked formless and uninteresting to me so I had to come up with something additional or consign it to the dog's bed!
I cut out roses from several different prints and appliqued them over the quilt and added a few butterflies. This was probably close to  twenty years ago and I still like the quilt well enough that it hangs in our guest room. So I guess that is one of those "life gives you lemons and you make lemonade" situations and a reminder that thinking outside the box can result in a new creation!
The other 9 patch quilt I have made is a baby quilt in 30's repros and white.........
The white is a WOW with gingko flowers and it's quilted with meandering feathers.
Then I remembered that Sudoku quilts are actually 9 patches, larger ones it is true, but 9 patches none the less, so here is a Sudoku quilt I made for my friend MA in Brisbane, Australia.
 And there you have the sum total of 9 patches for my 4 decades of quilting!

Another Green One!

This is the second of the all- green quilts, now ready to go off to be bound by the owner's sister.
 With the familiar peacock feather freehand quilting- this client does not care for tight quilting so it's important to leave the quilting design open and airy. The thread used is Signature "Parchment" 100% cotton thread, and the batting is Hobbs Heirloom 80/20.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Circle Lord Swirls

This Home Of the Brave quilt was my first adventure into using the CL template boards, and I am quite pleased with the result.
The Swirls are the templates I used on this quilt, they would work for almost any quilt top I think, the continuous circular design is quite generic.
This is our week with The Boy, so not a lot will be accomplished- there is another client quilt on the LA but I didn't like the way the yellow/green variegated thread was quilting in so I am frogging that one corner where I began in order to begin over with a more neutral thread.
This weekend I hope to get labels on some QOV's and launder them so they can be mailed off for our Wounded Warriors.