Tuesday, March 11, 2008

More quilting progress

I can't begin to describe the past few days -way too much to be done in the allowed space of 24 hrs. a day,LOL.Now the piped binding is done on the flame quilt & I got one of the QOV's on & off the LA this afternoon. The other is all ready to go tomorrow, have to wind one more bobbin before I thread the A-1. Only have one spool of my Bottom Line colors & I'm using it in both top & bobbin in this next quilt. I'll post pics. tomorrow, the camera is upstairs & when I go up it will be to bed as it's already after midnight. With any luck I'll have pics of all three quilts the flame, & both QOV's.
I took a couple more pics. of the progress because it's getting closer to completion. It looks a bit messy but that is the nature of a WIP! Walt was working on the circle aroundbackyard the trees today, & I'm glad he took my admonitions to heart & wore the dust mask & ear plugs, that brick saw puts out both too much dust & noise to go without protection for lungs & ears. I was on the other side of our admittedly small yard & my ears hurt from the pitch & volume of the saw cutting through the pavers. I'm sure that the neighbors will be pleased when it's done & the noise ends! I spent some time on spring trimming in the yard & wore gloves & today am glad I had gloves because our friend Kris told me how she was bitten by one of those nasty Brown Recluse spiders in her yard yesterday-now she does live way out by Queen Creek so probably there are more unfriendly critters out there! I'm so thankful we don't have any, none of the 6 & 8 legged pests in 10 years in this house.

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