Thursday, March 27, 2008

Orange Crush - and Devonshire Tea!

All the required light & dark scrap strips are cut for the new mystery a few days ahead of the start up date, April 1st. It will be hard to resist sewing that day but I will be busy packing up to return to AZ. As instructed I have thrown in everything but the kitchen sink, & honestly I am amazed at how I managed to amass such a large collection of weird fabrics! To my relief they are all scraps which means they are not part of my actual yardage stash. To my despair, there is far too much of it still remaining! Obviously I have to continue to make more large scrap quilts if I ever hope to reduce this collection of leftovers & rejects! I notice that the light/neutrals are reading as sort of pink, which they are not in reality, it must be the lighting. I took a couple more pics & even tried to edit out the pink in Photosmart without success. Even the fabric they rest on shows up pink, that's strange.

It is a cool, breezy day here at 9,000 ft. in SW Colorado with intermittent sunshine & a balmy 52 degrees outside. This is the view from our deck to the south ; the mountains around us are 12-14,000 ft. Mt Sneffels being the highest just out of view in this picture. It is a spectacular panorama any time of year. I decided to make Devonshire Tea this afternoon-Australian style scones, jam & thickened cream. I wish I had taken a picture before they were all devoured! There's a big difference cooking/baking at 9,000 ft. versus sea level. I notice it most with beans, rice, pasta & cookies. No problem with yeast breads or anything else but I think it took me a year or so of experimenting to conquer the cookies, they would just spread out all over the pans. The scones baked up perfectly at 400 degrees F for about 12 minutes.Yummy! We had elk steaks for dinner, courtesy of my friend Gale, the hunter [& her husband]. Last night it was elk spaghetti, the boys love that; elk meat is very similar to lean beef, no whang to the taste. Last year we had moose from the same source, & the boys would beg for mooseburgers!


Hyena In Petticoats said...

Hi Roslyn!

An expat aussie in the colorado mountains! brilliant!
Thanks so much for dropping by - please let me know if you make the cathedral windows pattern - I love to see what other people come up with.....

Your view is AMAZING - we sure don't see mountains like that in oz!


Leah xx

Lindah said...

Roslyn, in your deck view pic of the mountains, do you see the wolf lying there? His head and ears border the snow line, his shoulders and back to the left.
No, I've not been drinking anything! :-)
Linda H

Eileen said...

OH, what a georgous view. Just where are you in Colorado? My son lives at Conifer and is close to 10,000 ft. with views like that. Just have to get used to the different cooking.