Sunday, March 2, 2008

Isn't March supposed to be windy?

Well, I just learned another lesson in the blogging world-don't try to leave your post until you are sure that it has been saved! Drat!
By the time I returned from church, lunch etc & visits to Ikea & Costco the weather had turned blustery & chilly. During worship this morning at one point I was fanning myself with the church bulletin but by 6 p.m. when I reached home I was sorely tempted to pass on the park visit except that I know Button needs it & really, so do I! The park was almost deserted, one other dog & owner, the cold bite in the wind sufficient deterrent for all but the most determined. I could seriously drop a chunk of change at Ikea- they have the most clever & interesting storage solutions- but I was very discrimminating & after much hemming & hawing, talking to myself and a couple of the delightful & helpful [not to mention very youthful] Ikea employees I settled on a 4 drawer chest to replace the desk in my studio & a smaller 3 drawer unit to place beside my DSM. The latter will require me to discard[gasp!] or relocate about 4 drawers full of assorted sewing related items [currently housed in a tall set of yucky plastic drawers] which though not often used are really helpful when needed.
I tend to either hang on to things or ruthlessly purge & then regret, but reducing my storage capacity pretty much forces me to discard SOME of this stuff! I am in constant pursuit of simplification & streamlining of my life & possessions in the course of which I manage to acquire more "stuff!". These new storage items are of course "assembly required", more projects for DH, who says he can barely finish one before there is another & I say he needs the stimulation of the challenges to keep the grey cells moving! In my eagerness to be helpful I opened said boxes & began to ferry the pieces upstairs, a half dozen or so trips later I had one box emptied but do you think I could maneuver even one of the pieces from the second box, leaving DH another opportunity to be my hero! The backyard project is making progress by leaps & bounds & my clever & diligent DH is creating a lovely setting, more even than I would have hoped for & it will be a fitting memorial to our beloved son. Last evening friend Kris & I moved a few dozen pavers but that really is the limit so far of my physical input to this work. Tomorrow I will take a picture of the progress to post on the blog.

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