Sunday, March 30, 2008

March QOV's

I finished up the second QOV & plan to send them both off tomorrow to the piecer who made them, she will bind,label & launder the quilts before sending them to one of the military hospital chaplains who distribute them to the combat wounded. The other QOV is a compilation of blocks "signed" by the kindergarten class her son attends, so I quilted it with appropriately whimsical motifs. I think that tomorrow I will work on some of the paper pieced BOM blocks from "Singing His Praises" quilt- I have 5 blocks finished but I haven't worked on it since the fall so it's definitely in the UFO category. We took a long walk with Button but the roads are dotted with muddy areas & in spite of our efforts to keep her away from them she needed a good foot & belly wash when we got back! The Cimmarron & Sneffels ranges received a good dusting of snow but we had only a few snow flakes fall on us while we walked even though the wind was icy. It was good to get back to a nice, warm house & some spiced cider. Soon after we returned the snow began to fall very gently & so far we have a couple of inches on the deck- the morning view will be freshly sparkling with new snow.

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Lindah said...

Hi Roslyn
Beautiful work(s)! The quilt from the class was such a good idea--on both ends, the class end and the receiver end.

Nice snow pic. It's so nice to see it coming down. Occasionally, I actually miss snow. lol