Thursday, March 6, 2008

Quilt related progress

Finally, the CC Mystery is done! love the way the QD wool batting quilts up & the piped binding is my new favorite binding method. Takes some time, but probably no more than all the hand-sewing, maybe it's a wash. Much pinning is required but then the final sewing goes pretty smoothly. I purchased a "Narrow Edge Foot" for my Pfaff which made this final step a breeze & using Bottom line thread from Superior in top & bobbin the stitching disappears into the fabric. All in all, a most satisfactory result.

The new storage units from Ikea are together & in place but the larger one hasn't been filled yet -I plan to move most of the supplies that are under the design table into this 4 drawer bureau. These pieces are white, though the photos make them look pink, must be a female, my new camera, LOL. I actually feel a lot more organized & actually noticed a difference working on the binding on this last quilt- clearing off the clutter from around my DSM helps I can tell. I received another client quilt in the mail today & plan to put it on the LA Monday. It's soft florals in large rectangles & we had discussed a meandering floral/leafy vine but I'm wondering if maybe I'd like to quilt it all with meandering feathers - guess I need to run that by the piecer! The weather was cooler again this week, so nice to push back the heat but we'll be back to the 80's over the weekend.
My Lenten reading continues in "The First Fruits of Prayer" & I am on chapter 29 of 40. It is suitably repentant, & fits into the Lenten idea of Examination of Conscience.
Tomorrow I plan to begin the piped binding for my flame quilt- my Mum used to say " don't tell the devil too much of your mind" & I often think of that when my "plans" fall by the wayside so we shall see how much more binding I get done. I really feel as if I am on a roll with this newest technique!

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Lindah said...

Hi Ros
I just took a quick tour of your blogsite.I'm sure I will be back. I think we have a number of things in common. Your quilts are so pretty! I'm especially interested in your CC quilt. I'm ready to border mine. I ordered the batting and backing. I really wanted to do the BF on it, but didn't feel comfortable buying the equipment. Now that I have made the decision to free motion it, I feel peace about it. Your piped binding is really intriguing. I can no longer do handsewing, so I will have to investigate this technique.
Your new garden sounds lovely! Show us a progress pic now and then.
Linda H