Monday, March 3, 2008

Quilted Postcard

Today I made this postcard for a friend to thank her for my birthday treat. I think quilted postcards are a unique and interesting way to send a special greeting but they are somewhat time consuming for a tiny product though I am getting a little more efficient. And of course they require a visit to the USPS and the attendant wait in line to get them in the mail. The very pretty blue and white quilt [with a little red] I received last week, not sure how I will quilt it. This quilter, a good friend, usually gives me free reign but she did ask that I quilt the red block with " straight lines following the angle of the block." Hmmmm........suggestions anyone?

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Jeannie said...

Beautiful postcard! On the quilt, I think the pattern is called "Winding Ways". Kim on stashbusters has a quilt in the March photo album. Her LAQ quilted it beautifully. I did my jacket made from the pattern with swirls...Love it!
Have fun quilting! : ) Jeanne in VA