Thursday, March 20, 2008

What next?

What next, it's a new start because I have finished all my non-quilty sewing commitments for the moment-it feels really good to have that all completed, the drapes, cornice & Roman shade- & now I can decide what to tackle next. The new Bonnie Hunter Mystery quilt begins April 1st. while we are in Colorado but I will definitely need something quilty to fill in the gap! It seemed like a lot to do all the household sort of sewing in a week especially since I was "re-inventing the wheel" so to speak; sometimes I surprise myself but never my children, LOL, it's just what is expected of Mum, hence the big "S" on my cape! Perhaps I'll get pics of all that next time we are at Andrew & Lana's. Now the quilting, well that's a different story, because it's a passion. Other sewing I can do, yes, but the quilting I must do, it is sanity! The CC mystery has a new home with our friend Jane. I was trying to make the label look nice & Word isn't the best software for anything like that so I called my first "help" line, Loretta, & as usual she came through[PTL for email]making the thing look pretty in "Desktop Pub" a program I must acquire unless I go to a Mac, a distinct possibility! This morning Lana & I had "Devonshire Tea" at Gooseberries, it was lovely, their scones are more authentic than most I have come across in the USA, they were closer to what we know as scones in Australia, NZ & UK. I daresay we will return there occasionally.Here are a couple of pics of Walt's handiwork in the yard, now for the flowers etc to finish it off. Didn't he do a terrific job on the pavers? I'm so proud of his ability to turn his hand to nearly anything it seems. It is still a little bit of a WIP, we have to yet to plant flowers & we need to replace some that we lost last summer, & I'd like some additional furniture out there to make the area more useable. DS#1 says he has a bench he doesn't need so I think we'll use that then I only need to find a small table. I found a fountain that we like, I'll order it after we return from the CO. Spring skiing trip with Lucas & family. Walt already has the necessary "hook-ups" for the fountain on the back fence, & I'll also be looking for some lights for the big pepper tree. Perhaps tomorrow I can finish the little Linus quilt on the longarm & re-organize my sewing studio. It's Good Friday & we plan to go to Stations Of The Cross at LFAC at 7 p.m.


Lindah said...

Beautiful paver job! Your yard looks like a lovely vacation spot.

Phyl said...

The yard is wonderful!

Your CC turned out gorgeous and I love the smile on your friends face:).