Thursday, January 2, 2014

New Year's Eve Mystery

NYE I sewed along via texts with some friends in Phx. who got their tops together the same day, unlike me!  Up here in Boston I had more distractions in the form of family including 8yr.old rambunctious twins!
Today I got the blocks together…………..
still need to do the borders. I have the first one cut ready to apply and I think I will maybe piece the final border, I cut a lot of extra squares that would make up into HST's and plenty of all three fabrics left. It is very bright, though isn't it?! The first border is 2" wide in the red fabric, the second is meant to be from the green, so maybe I can combine the two for HST's.
Celtic Solstice mystery has the reveal out now, Bonnie released it NYE as an early surprise. I had hoped to continue working on it here, but I did not know I would need the Easy Angle ruler so did not bring it with me.
The weather here is quite brutal, an arctic style storm with lots of snow and frigid temperatures especially tomorrow, and in the area south of the city of Boston, but I plan to go to Joann's and see if they have the EA ruler-not that I need another, but I seem to have two of every ruler anyway!
We expect a major snow fall tonight as part of the storm so I will report back on that tomorrow! The prediction is for another big storm Sunday………...

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Andee said...

It looks great! Kathy got hers finished tonight borders and all. Will send a picture in the morning, not sure you are up this late tonight! Hers is RED but the blue outer border toned it down some! Nice work!