Thursday, January 23, 2014

Playing With Jacks

Prep for this quilt was simple and relatively fast.
I have enough strips and squares cut for 80+ blocks. I want to make it larger than the pattern shows.
Pictures courtesy of Bonnie Hunter's free website pattern available at  
I think I might want to set the blocks on point as the one below done in EQ,  except that I don't like to make sashing! 
 The design below is the same as the actual quilt Bonnie made but with more blocks, it's also a mock up from EQ.
I think I am all ready for the workshops next month and it feels good to be prepared ahead- I have a lot going on the next few weeks. My little Aussie Terrier is in Agility training and we have some extra classes coming up and we'll also be out of town again at the Colorado house for a week. I will be taking some sewing projects with me and plan to stay with my LA'er friend Gale for a few days-that's the same farm where I locked myself in the chicken house!
At least now I know how to get out!


Andee said...

Are you going to be home tomorrow? Kathy wants to swing by and deliver more quilts for longarming...hoping to have Celtic Solstice back to show Bonnie :)

LynCC said...

ooooo - I know you said you hate sashing, but I really, really like that one. :)