Friday, December 27, 2013

Boston, MA

Cold here today never out of the 30's, the sky was bleak though the sun did try to peek through. I snapped this pic as we walked in the early afternoon to show the chilly look of the weather .
Look what we spotted as we were walking with Button………..
on the far side of the picture………...
yep, it's a wild turkey wandering in the neighborhood of a busy street, one that escaped the Thanksgiving sacrifice! Button was anxious to cross the street and take out the bird, and of course we could not allow that!
We gave the dog a nice brisk 30 minutes of fresh air, very fresh air!  Here the kids and Button are sitting on the wall in front of the nearby 18th. century graveyard.Their family's 1820's home is one of several that a gentleman built in close proximity and in the same time frame for his family.
 This evening we drove into Foxboro to Patriot's Place, so we could shop at Trader Joe's, and here we are freezing in front of Gillette Stadium the home of the Patriot's where there will be a big game Sunday night. We understand that on game day people park alongside the road for miles along Route #1, tailgating and cooking and "celebrating" while they wait to get into the stadium for the game to begin. The weather is often bitterly cold as it was  this evening, and after walking around way too long we went into Tavalino's Pizza for a yummy dinner and something to warm us up!
Obviously I won't be at the game!