Sunday, January 19, 2014

Bonnie Hunter Workshops

To get myself back into the rhythm of life in AZ I decided to continue prepping for the BH workshops next month. There's a lot of cutting to do and some pre-sewing I think I can accomplish to smooth the way and simplify the process during the classes.
For a start, to fine tune my fourth inch seaming I ordered half a dozen of these little seam guide thingies from Bonnie's website. Of course I only require one, but I have a few quilty friends who might benefit so I ordered the set of six and I will keep one in each of my Pfaffs so I always can check accuracy. It's easy to tell from my recent efforts that extra attention to the scant 1/4" seam accuracy really does pay off.
 One of the BH workshops we will do is "My Blue Heaven" and I made up a sample block- I am quite pleased with it. I will be using up a lot of my blues, rotating stock so I will feel justified in further purchases of fabric additional to any "must haves" for current projects! Want vs need ya know!
Lots of cutting as I said- 696 large triangles for 174 hourglass blocks, 90 2.5"x4.5" neutral rectangles to add to the hourglass blocks, enough HST's [formed while cutting the large triangles] for about 70 Flying Geese, the rest of the 180 FG I will make by the "4 at a time" method which is my preference, so fast and easy. I think I will make the FG ahead too, paying it forward so to speak! I can imagine that there is a lot of fun and distraction in Bonnie's classes and I don't want to miss any fun or get behind!
Off to do more prep now, while I watch my two favorite teams battle it out for a Superbowl slot!
Sadly, one of them must be cut.


Andee said...

Watching the game too. I have been prepping too..though just excited!

Heather said...

I like to get ahead and cut a couple of projects at time, particularly if they are using the same fabrics, that way I only have to get them out once. Ziploc baggies are perfect for storing them away with the pattern until ready to start the sewing.

pizzaeater said...

You have so much patience to cut all those triangles. I am dizzy just thinking about it.