Sunday, January 12, 2014

Fuller Craft Museum

This past week we visited the Fuller Craft Museum in Brockton MA. In addition to regular exhibits the Museum hosts various other collections, current exhibits include basketry, Korean Bojagi art and Studio Furniture of the Bay State.
I took plenty of photos there were so many fascinating, unusual and beautiful objects d'art some functional and others just whimsical!
Above, examples of tools used by carpenters. 
The following pieces are all by local Bay State artists.
 The top of the beautiful cabinet below.
 A gorgeous harp.
 Beautiful inlaid spice cabinet
 Hall table
A decorative storage cupboard!
This piece was superb, perhaps that and the harp were my favorites in the furniture division simply for their beauty and fine craftsmanship though it was hard to choose.
 A very contemporary and colorful chair.
 This was called a "side table"
 "My Mummy Made Me Do It"!
 This elegant example of modernity does not look comfortable!
 Guess what? A music stand very lovely though I am not sure if it's practical!
The "Splash Cabinet"  is certainly unusual.
 This Grandfather clock is a beauty!
 The Lion Seat.
 Folding Chair!
"All Things Considered" is a Juried Invitational Exhibit of basketry.
 Some amazing pieces, like this  one, which I appear to have omitted from detailed description.
There were too many items to photograph individually or I would have been there all night!
 Fine work in this lovely basket
 Another hmmmmm…..
 This looked somewhat like Battenburg lace but it was enormous, easily four feet across and the "lace" itself was about 12" wide!
 Just gorgeous!
"Night Sky" 
This was the only piece you could call a quilt. 
 The fiber art below is by Korean Bojagi artists.
The item below is made from paper.
"The Jury Box"  by Jerry Alonzo a retired judge who constructed this after his many years of observing jurors and their "quirks!" His comments on the piece are illuminating and are shown below.
Our niece, an attorney found this very interesting and I thought it most clever!
The brass plaque on the front spells out our National Motto "In God We Trust"
Below are a few items that did not fit any category, but were interesting.
This one is glass
I don't remember the details on this.
Sculptures hanging from the ceiling in a hallway.
"Seated Lady"!
Most unusual, made up of scraps from various machines, autos and other  miscellany collected by the artist a longtime member of "The Dumpster Divers"! The most memorable and quirky thing I saw.
A globe of the world was cut in two, one half became a breast the other a part of her backside!
The legs comprise baseball bat and crocquet mallet handles, the toes are little wooden people!
"New Transit Chair", recycled traffic signs, champagne corks etc.
The museum is definitely worth a visit, it includes a venue for wedding receptions and a gift shop with lovely exclusive handcrafted items mostly from local artists.

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