Saturday, January 18, 2014

Celtic Solstice Progress

We arrived back in balmy AZ early hours of Tuesday morning. DH has spent the week fixing leaks, one in the fridge filter and also a flood in the back yard from the elderly irrigation system, which he has now updated to state of the art equipment!
I have been attempting to catch up on all the life issues that go on hold when one is away for any extended period, and now feel as if things are settled back more or less to normal!
There is more prep work for Bonnie Hunter's visit next month in Tucson so I am working on that, I have designated homes for both My Blue Heaven and Playing With Jacks, makes me happy to know I will not be adding to the current collection of quilts that is taking over my house!
I once visited the elderly mom of a friend who lived in Sun City AZ, a prolific quilter. My friend told me to ask to see her mom's quilts and the lady took me into the guest room where she proceeded to unveil quilt after quilt layered on the twin beds in the room!  I was stunned, but then she said "there is more"!
The large ?six foot linen closet in the hall was stacked floor to ceiling with completed quilts, every one pieced on her Featherweights and hand quilted! I have no idea what my friend did with all of them, she is an only child! This mom made quilts into her 90's I think and the very cool thing about this is that I have one of her Featherweights, it's the pale green model made in Edinburgh Scotland circa 1960.
Below are the star blocks [50-40 or Fight] needed for construction of Celtic Solstice, the Birthday Girl blocks will have to wait until next week.
We sent a large box filled with snow gear and miscellaneous [including my sewing supplies] back to AZ via USPS, it was a fraction of the cost of an additional suitcase on the airlines who are gouging for luggage now- it was supposed to compensate for high gas prices but those have settled and the airlines have discovered another way to empty our pockets- the prices for our necessities to accompany us are continuing to escalate! One airline is now charging for carry ons, watch for all the other companies to follow suit.

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Silly Goose said...

You should march right back to your friend and take photos of her mum's quilts so we can see them!

Loving your Celtic Solstice. I didn't do the mystery this year - I may do the quilt later but we'll see.