Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Celtic Solstice Clue #5

One hundred of these little 3.5" blocks for Celtic Solstice
 In February I am off to Tucson for a Bonnie Hunter event along with half a dozen of my quilty friends, three days total, first day a lecture and trunk show then two days of workshops.
One of the quilts we are making in the workshop is "My Blue Heaven" photo courtesy of Bonnie's quiltville.com
For this I need a large collection of both blues and neutrals in 2.5" strips. I decided to take care of some of the cutting necessary while these fabrics were at hand, the rest I will do when we return to Phoenix.
It is still quite frigid here in the Boston area, earlier it was about negative 5 degrees F. with the wind chill. Brrrrrrrrrr outside, but a lovely 70 degrees indoors!


Andee said...

I was thinking I might do that one in purples..thinking I will need to buy some fabrics though. I do have plenty of neutrals!

cityquilter grace said...

where in boston are you? i lived in the boston area most of my life....