Saturday, December 15, 2012

Phoenix Modern Quilt Guild

The Christmas party/ meeting was held today and I rode with BJ and Jacki who kindly chauffered  us- the meetings are held "way out" in Chandler, well, that's way out when you live in north central or north west Phoenix!

I think there were 20 plus quilters attending and we had a pot luck lunch............
 and a mini quilt show. Here are three happy quilters checking out the displayed quilts.
I am not a "modern quilt" maker per se, but now and then I produce something that falls into that category, below are the three quilts I chose to show.

This two sided quilt from the "Ugly Quilt Fabric Challenge" I think fits the category, or is it more in the contemporary department?!

The new Christmas table runner also seemed to fit the modern quilt category.
 I was not really sure about this white whole-cloth quilt, does it fit modern or is it traditional? You tell me! I can get quite confused about some of these categories, other than the obvious, Civil War or 30's etc, but who really cares they are all quilts, right?!
And as it was raining and rather chilly in Phx. today I wore the jacket I made for my Mum in 1995 that displays a variety of quilting/sewing techniques, chenille, sashiko etc.
We had a FQ exchange at the party, "modern fabrics", and we were each assigned a different color.
While we were in that area we went to the 35th.Ave. quilt store and each found fabrics that we just had to have! 
 This caught my eye, antique typewriters
and two yards followed me home.........
it goes with my bracelet made from antique typewriter keys.
These are the extra fabrics I needed for the Bonnie Hunter Mystery "Easy Street", they arrived yesterday from Now I can get back to that project tomorrow after church. Clue #4 came out today and I am waaaay behind, only halfway done with one clue so I have a lot of catching up to do this week, but to be fair to myself there were already three clues out when I joined in last week! Wish me luck.
BJ's quilt is on the LA and I have made a start on it, hoping to work on it in between the BH mystery.



Miss Nancy said...

Great meeting yesterday!

Heather said...

pot luck and show and tell. Great way to spend the day/evening. nice selection of fabrics for the mystery. i have been following the progress of few quilters and it's looking very nice.

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