Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Easy Street Update

Only a little bit of sewing going on here, life is getting in the way, drat!
 However clue #2, 192 x FG are all done as are the grey and white 4 patches from clue #1.
They went fast, I nest the seams as I cut them right sides together so when I come to the machine I find that I do not need to pin.
 Part of this accuracy is due to the Pfaff's IDF [Integrated Dual Feed] a built in walking foot.
 You can tell that I have been sewing up a storm, see all the fluff that had to be "blown away"?
Now I am only two clues behind and I have until Saturday to catch up.
Next up, clue #3, 64 shaded four patches.

1 comment:

Cheryl Willis said...

looking good! love your colors, I am behind but not worried about it (yet)