Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Oh Christmas Tree Skirt...........

Heather over at Books And Quilts invited me to join in their Christmas Tree Skirt show.
This one has been around a long time, so long in fact that I don't remember where or when I purchased it, so long ago that it was not even made in China! I do recall that the price was very good, on sale, and I knew I could never make anything similar for the materials and time involved.
If you would like to join in and show off your Christmas tree skirt along with a little history then this is the place to link it up!
 I love the bling which photography has not really enhanced, it's a very pretty, green velvet with lots of sequins.
It is somewhat the worse for wear in a couple spots, our son and DIL have a couple of Yorkies that are obstinate about potty training and one year they used my tree skirt! I cleaned it up but those areas show damage, hidden behind/under the tree usually.
This year due to my recent spinal surgeries we have only the little tree I call "Matt's Tree" because it displays the memorial ornaments I have acquired each year since 2006. The quilted Santa table topper I made a few years ago. Perhaps next Christmas we may have the larger tree again as well.

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Heather said...

what a wonderful find in that Christmas tree skirt. I would have had to bring it home as well. The tree for your son is very touching. Thank-you for sharing his story and his tree. last year and this year again, i made something for my nephew who passed away a year ago. my sister has his urn in the dining room and I have set them beside him. It's very comforting to see them each time I visit.