Friday, December 28, 2012

New Year's Eve Mystery Quilt 2012

It has become a tradition for several of us to sew with quilty friends on NYE, and this year we will gather at Jacki's to sew, eat, chat. play etc. The past few years it has just been BJ and me here at my house, while Andee and Kathy sewed at their home, and this year they are planning to stay home and will join us via Skype on a laptop.  I think we are mostly planning to make the NYE Mystery quilt and we have been offered the first 4 cutting and pre-sewing clues, so I have been attempting to accomplish this in between watching The Boy!
Here are my color choices all from stash:
#1, a dark
#2, the focus fabric
#3, medium dark, nearly the same value as the dark but I think it's ok because the hue is so different.
#4, contrast, yep that's good contrast!
and #5 background.
Because I try to use only what I have on hand my choices are not always quite perfect but they seem to turn out ok anyway! All but the background fabric above were purchased on a visit to Loretta a few years ago in Tucson when we drove out into the boonies to buy from a lady who sells out of an old trailer absolutely packed with fabric. Obviously these fabrics are appropriately aged and ready to use!
 Presewing requires the completion of hundreds of Half Square Triangles. 
Here are mine now ready for New Year's Eve!

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sherry said...

OMG what a great way to spend NYE and ring in the new year...