Sunday, December 23, 2012

Easy Street Clue #5

Bonnie was very kind to us this week taking into account Christmas and the need for simple and fast!
This is all there is to these little blocks, 64 of them, they look like little houses or maybe half of a snowball or square in a square block! It will be interesting to see how Bonnie combines these with the other little blocks. I don't know how many clues there will be but I am guessing that we have quite a way to go!
Bonnie suggests marking the sewing line for the corner squares.........

then sewing a smidge to the right of the pencil line.
This way when the fabric is folded back over the corner it will completely cover the bottom square.
If you sew directly on the line you may find that when you press the fabric up it may not quite cover the base. To some extent it depends on the thickness of the thread used, a heavier thread takes up more space and it may be just enough to leave your corner triangle a teeny bit short.
I thought this was a very handy tip that I will certainly remember, it worked well for me whereas in times past I have found I have come up a wee bit short.
So, now I am all caught up with Easy Street and I can go into Christmas with a clear conscience!


Sharyn Mallow Woerz said...

Also caught up as of today.
I'm thinking the coming Friday might be the reveal of the body of the quilt?? Or maybe now :)
Sharyn in Kalama

Cheryl Willis said...

I have mine cut and sewed a few together. I am using my triangle die and it is working great..I am guessing / hoping this block will be part of a 'star' so I am making mine in sets of four (mostly b/c I am lazy and don't want to work hard mixing up my prints)

Gari in AL said...

I, too, was so happy with how easy this part was: I had it done Friday. That has given me time to go to town and watch the last minute shoppers, always a fun thing to do. Now, since it has just started to rain, I guess it is time to get in a little sewing before the gift/food festivities begin. Merry Christmas.