Wednesday, December 19, 2012

"Build Your Best Log Cabin"

Log Cabin is an old and simple, easy block from Civil War era that has multiple, countless really, variations and it is often a new quilter's first experience.
 It was the first large quilt I attempted, a queen size for my Mum in her favorite colors, peach and blue. It remained on their bed many years but I have no idea where it might be now since both of my parents have passed onto eternity. It was tied which was a traditional method originally because many were foundation pieced.
Recently I was invited to preview this new eBook from Fons and Porter.
You can get your own free eBook here, I think you will enjoy it as it is quite different from the usual Log Cabin books, featuring the three most popular LC block styles. It begins with a short history of the LC block and goes on to show a chart for traditional blocks to cut the various widths of strips depending on choice of block size. 
Traditional settings are shown as well as a few newer versions such as Ricky Timms "Bears in Bertie's Log Cabin", Shon McMain's contemporary "Woven Log Cabin", and an unusual version of Courthouse Steps.
In addition to full and clear directions there are quilting suggestions and even a piping tutorial.
I will be referring back to this eBook in the future, LC is such an easy block and makes up into a fast quilt when you need one in a hurry!
So check out your own free copy of this eBook here and let me know what you think!

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