Monday, December 10, 2012

Easy Street

After hearing my quilty friends chat about Bonnie Hunter's latest mystery, I was inveigled into joining them!
After a search through my stash I could see I needed to  [scream] purchase fabric! But if you check my "fabric in and out" tally in the sidebar, you will see that I have been very good this year and it is the season for giving.........our $$$ to the retailers, LOL!
There was no grey whatsoever in my stash, and I needed more turquoise, black on white and another yard of lime green. Perhaps I should have subbed those colors but it would have meant an entirely new slate of colors so I went with Bonnie's choices. 
As you can see by clicking on the Bonnie Hunter quilt parade link at the top of this page, every one of her quilts I have made, especially the mysteries has resulted in a beautiful quilt so why change now?
 In the past I have made small one color adjustments viz. in Double Delight I switched from double pinks to red- but never changed the entire scheme. It is always amazing to me that even using the same colors all the participant's quilts turn out quite different. I am pleased to be able to clean out some of the smaller bits of these fabrics, although I may have new little bits left after completion of Easy Street! Sigh, what's a quilter to do?
Make another quilt, LOL!
Confined to the house unless DH chauffeurs me [post op. directives from the neurosurgeon] I used my fingers to do the walking and after a diligent search at my favorite online quilt shop, Thousands of Bolts [and only one nut!] identified the necessary additions, all seven yards, for "Easy Street".
Frustrated at having to by-pass the first couple of instructions until the rest of the fabric arrives, I found that there are enough purples and black on white to make 128 Flying Geese.
Bonnie uses her favorite method for construction of FG, but I prefer the "four at a time" method  [click  for directions] so that's what I am doing.
These are very small FG, 2"x3.5" now and only 1.5"x 3.0" once sewn into the quilt blocks. I find the four at a time method allows me to trim to the exact size and still maintain my 1/4" sewing allowance especially at the apex of the triangle, something I have struggled with using other methods.
Bonnie says she called this quilt "Easy Street" because it is an easier version than she usually designs so I am hoping to catch up by Christmas? Stay tuned!


Andee said... the black on white iron fabric!

Gari in AL said...

Welcome aboard. Glad to see you have something else to work on while you are housebound. ;-)

Cheryl Willis said...

I am doing the 4x also. I have all three steps cut out but will not have 'time' to sew till holidays.

Debbie said...

haha I got "inveigled into joining them" too and had to buy all of the colors. I stuck with Bonnie's colors for that reason, they are not "my colors" and thought it a good time to try something different. I only have 160 of step 1 done and also plan on the "heart" method for the flying geese. Hope your back pain is not bothering you so much. AK fan Debbie

Roslyn said...

Hi Debbie, I tried unsuccessfully to answer though a blog or email.
yes I am recovering from the surgeries, and hoping the residual pain will eventually leave!
Have you done any other BH quilts?

heyitskarla said...

Does that B&W fabric have irons on it? That is too cute! I love Thousands of Bolts, mostly because I identify with the nut. hahaha

Anonymous said...

Entertaining post, fun fabrics. Looking forward to seeing your progress in future posts - keep 'em coming!

Anonymous said...

Your patches look fantastic. That iron fabric is brilliant! Clue 4 is nearly here – woo hoo!