Monday, September 3, 2012

Paper Pieced Blocks

The blocks made from the "ugly quilt fabrics"are all ready to applique. 
The pattern for the large block is "Spinning Star" from Peggy Martin's book "Quick Strip Paper Piecing" which is a faster method of PP.
 Here are a line of blocks on the machine........
 and here's how it looks when you flip them over before cutting them apart.
It really is quite a lot faster.

To finish the raw edges of blocks for applique, I like to use the following method.
Place a piece of a very thin interfacing the same size as the block on the right side, sew around the raw edge then cut an X in the interfacing,  turn to the right side and press just as I did with the small blocks above.
The past couple of days between caring for little man, I made five of these tiny PP stars to scatter between the large blocks.
 Now I am thinking perhaps the background should be larger? It looks a little crowded to me. Hmmmmm........would a border help?
This is definitely a work in progress!

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Linda said...

Amazing work that goes into these pieces! I admire you so much - the work is gorgeous!