Monday, September 24, 2012

Ugly Quilt Fabric, Ugly No More!

No quite finished, I have not yet found the right binding. I could just use black but a friend suggested a diagonal stripe so that's what I am hoping for. The one ordered online turned out to be the wrong colors, so it's onward to a new search.
 There are two layers of batting, Quilter's Dream Green on the bottom and polyester on top for quilting definition.
 I quilted it up quickly last night and this afternoon with freehand design, using a gold, shiny embroidery thread.
The other three paper pieced blocks went on the reverse side, and I made no attempt to try and match the position of the blocks, that would have been impossible.
 So the quilting looks a bit random here, but the thread is a good match so it isn't obnoxious!
Glad to be almost done with this project, next up on the longarm is Angela's "Smith Mountain Morning".


Linda said...

Well, it is a lovely quilt after all...mostly because you are SO clever and do such a good job with the quilting! I love the use of the gold thread.

farmlady said...

I love this one. It's like a "pin wheel" quilt.
I also love the pattern of the quilting.