Friday, September 28, 2012

Angela's Smith Mountain Morning

Angela's quilt is ready for delivery tomorrow when we meet at Three Dude's quilt shop to begin the second half of the 2012 Phx. Shop Hop.
I love this very traditional quilt that Angela made from a Bonnie Hunter book. I quilted it for her with meandering feathers.
The borders are separate with their own feather designs.
This must be my all time favorite Bonnie Hunter quilt, it's on my bucket list I have already collected all the fabrics for it and hopefully you will soon be seeing my progress on this beauty!
Angela made it for her BF and DH, and I bet she will be ecstatic with such a delightful gift!


farmlady said...

I know I sound like a broken record but... this is beautiful.
Wait... how can it be on your "Bucket" list if you already made it? I'm confused.Do you mean that you only did the quilting?
Love the colors and the "rope" edge (the blue section). Makes everything stand out. The quilting on the edge is different than the "meandering feathers" isn't it? I like that.

Andee said...

She did the quilting, I did the piecing..we tag team that way! Love it Ros!