Friday, August 31, 2012

More On The Ugly Quilt Fabric Challenge

OK, so I took another look at my PP blocks and decided to remove all the corners and applique them to black fabric so they'd look sort of like comets - or something space-like!
However, having nothing in stash that would suit I headed to my nearest QS, " Quiltz" less than 10 minutes down the road. I still had my "get out of jail free" card [viz. the one new fabric purchase allowed for the challenge] and I found this black that I think will work, and purchased 1.5 yds. with a 25% discount coupon.
So, now I have a plan to make a two sided quilt [no idea how I will quilt that] using these 6 blocks on the front,
                  and perhaps working the print below [from stash] into it all!

 Right about now you're thinking "she is insane!" And you may be right, but I am going to see if I can do it.
The other three, the obnoxious blue blocks, will go on the reverse side
with this, also from stash, for a background. That's the plan and I hope to work on it tomorrow after Matthew goes to his other GM, so check back for updates! I am still not sure how this will work out but it will, I will make it work!


Andee said... are nothing if not persevering!

Linda said...

I have to admire your perseverance - I would have probably hidden this somewhere in the back of my closet and done something else!