Thursday, September 13, 2012

Thursday Quilting Report

This morning the final borders went on the second Arrowhead quilt, as yet I haven't planned the backing.

Tried a couple of different fabrics for the border and settled on the blue because it brightened up the darker batiks. I had hoped for green but didn't have a good choice of those and am trying to use stash if at all possible so this pleases me well enough!
Then in an attempt to rest my back, it seemed wise to spend more time sitting sewing with the DSM than standing over the longarm machine.
This is the Travel Case meant to hold quilt notions, made for me by my friend Loretta a few years ago and it has seen much use so I thought I would make a few for Christmas gifts.
There always seems to be lots of smaller pieces of fabric in my stash and they come in handy for small projects like this, and enable the use of the left over batting also.  I will make some more of these I think they went together easily and quickly!


Linda said...

I have made several organizers for my mom's neighborhood craft show in November, and am getting ready to make some others. I have a pattern for one that looks similar and I am planning on using fabrics from my stash to make some patchwork ones...this is a really nice pattern you are making! Love that always amaze me with your talent!

* said...

I really like your arrowhead quilt, so bright. And one that would be good for a boy or girl.

Andee said...

Looks great Ros~

Roslyn said...

It's another that doesn't have a home, at 84"square it would do a full size bed.