Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Civil War HST Quilt

You may remember that some time back several of our little quilt group had joined a HST Civil War swap at The Old Quilt Shop. At the time I think we each bought 4 sets, each set made 28 HST's. Unfortunately none of us were too impressed with the way the store handled it, but we each purchased ten extra paper sheets to make more HST's, determined that we would continue until we had enough for our quilts.
Seems I am the only one of the group currently working at it, I finished all of the paper sheets which I think made over 700 HST's. They are very small, 700 makes a smallish quilt, however I had also made around 80 of these hourglass blocks that are twice the size of the HST's and will coordinate nicely.
On Saturday when Lauren was here we took a look through the book that the Old Quilt Shop had recommended and liked the cover design best.
Placing some on the design wall made up my mind for me, and I plan to surround the center HST's with the hourglass blocks, then probably a border or two but I will worry about that when I get there, this is my usual modus operandi!
Don't know yet how I will set the hourglass blocks, light to light or alternate light and dark, I'll wait and see how they look once the center is done.
Probably won't be piecing these for a while though there are a few tops that need LA'ing.
Meantime I am working at the LA quilting up the larger Arrowhead quilt.


Linda said...

Yikes! Looks like a LOT of work! But, it will be beautiful, whatever you do!

Andee said...

Awesome...I so love the civil war prints!