Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Wednesday, Not Wordless!

I am catching up from a blogging absence, a few days when I was distracted by life!
Sunday afternoon I spent four hours working in the backyard-it is a small urban yard but the Brazilian Pepper tree was out of control and I cut and sawed and cut and sawed some more! DH helped after his nap, LOL, by then the tree massacre was over, the tree has better shape and at least we can walk around it without getting smacked in the face by the branches.
I wanted four bushes removed and four rose bushes and a hibiscus planted, DH does a fine job of digging. Whew, it was a lot of work and the clean up takes nearly as long as the trimming and planting.
While I was at it I pruned the rose bushes back and cut off the last six yellow blooms. As mild as our winters are the roses could continue to bloom so I may get more. The four rose bushes we planted were rescued from another house where they were not wanted and I don't have any idea what kind they are, color etc, it will all be a big surprise!

Yesterday I finished a large quilt, a vintage top I had purchased from eBay-it's drying now so I will get a photo tomorrow.
Today I began work on one of the last three of my 22 UFO's. It is a much unloved One Block Wonder - I had started two on different occasions, the other is in Houston to be finished by another quilter and donated to a charity there.
I decided to tackle this one just to be able to say I had at least completed one of these dratted things, I wasn't going to let it beat me so I sewed all those hexagons into rows. I sort of threw it together not really caring which blocks went where or making any attempt at a design I simply want it done. Perhaps that's why it's so awful, it's been treated rather shabbily!
I really just don't care for these OBW's, don't enjoy the construction of the hexagons or the finished look, the final designs always seem either chaotic or mushy to me. It's one of those "why did I buy this book/what made me think I wanted to make this quilt?" Ever have those moments?
The more I look at it the worse it gets in my eyes, perhaps I will name it "My Very Ugliest Quilt-Ever"! A good reason to get it completed and given away, perhaps a child would not be so critical?

I have a good green and an orange in stash that will make nice borders so that's my plan for tomorrow-after we get back from Mayo Hospital, where DH has day surgery.
This will be OK for a child's quilt I think with the cute VW bugs?

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Elaine Adair said...

"I am a poor little child who needs that "ugly" quilt" 8-))

My goodness, this is an amazing quilt - maybe not your style but NOT shabby. That zinger of border will really MAKE iT1 I'd take in in a heartbeat - ESPECIALLY with all the VWs! 8-)))