Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Shakespeare In The Park

Hereafter referred to in quilter's lingo as SITP!
Yesterday I had the adorable baby Matthew, but I managed to get in a little stitching while he napped.
I was working on the snail blocks and as I began to add another row of triangles I laid out the first two and found that "one of these things is not like the other"! Aaargggghhh, an error!
Here is how it should look.........
And here is how the "other" block looks! See what I mean? At first I was nearly panicked that maybe I had messed up all the rest but when I checked I discovered this was the only one, praise the Lord!
Rather than unpick all the stitching I chose to make one more snail block to replace this odd one.
In the process I realized that I lack sufficient of this white background fabric to complete the snail blocks so I had to go online and order more!

Fortunately I remembered where I purchased it- Fabric.com- and I had saved the selvedge so I knew what to order. It was still on sale-half off- I ordered two yards just in case! And while there I ordered a yard each of the coordinates in the same pattern one red back ground the other black. I think I am running a little low on black backgrounds for the rest of the quilt and I bought more to be safe. I am short on the white for two of the blocks so they are as far along as possible until my order arrives, probably not before the weekend.
Meantime I have started one of two baby quilts I need ASAP, a D9P for a baby boy, last night I cut and sewed all the nine patches then re-cut them ready to re-sew later today as soon as Button and I get back from our walk!


farmlady said...

SITP is spectacular in black and white. I'm sure it would look great in other colors but the black and white is..., Wow!

Miri said...

Lucky you that it was only one block! These kinds of patterns are so easy to mix up...I've seen lots of vintage quilts with one or two mixed up Snail's Trails blocks-its kind of fun to pick them out!

Threeundertwo said...

So glad I saw this post! I have a SITP ready to start. When I make blocks like this, sometimes I tape one up on the wall right in front of me so I can keep looking at the correct orientation of the fabrics. I'm going to remember this post and be extra careful.

It's going to look great in black and white; can't wait to see it!