Thursday, November 5, 2009

Two Baby Quilts

Just today I finished the two baby quilts that I need for the week ahead.
The blue and yellow is for a Saturday baby shower, young couple at church expecting their first baby in a couple of weeks.
It's the fast and easy D9P again, mostly left-overs from other projects. This one is much prettier in person I'm not sure why it's so blah looking in the photo.
The backing came from stash too, and you can see I quilted that speedy geometric echoed square. The label of course made on my embroidery machine- I haven't had time to learn the new software yet so it isn't anything fancy, I need to take time to sit down and go through the tutorials.
The baby girl quilt goes to Mexico to a young woman expecting very soon. It too was made almost entirely from leftovers, even border and binding all came from stash as well as the backing.
Quilting is those freehand feathery leafy thingies!
I need to be using stash, Bernina Connection has a big sale Saturday and their clearance is 75% off, it's a sale that is very hard to pass up!
I always use this wonderfully soft flame retardant Dream Angel batting for baby quilts.
It's nice and light and very drapable and I love that it is both flame retardant and chemical free.
My final finish for today was the binding on the "Future's So Bright" quilt that had been awaiting this attention for a couple of months.
It is a large quilt so binding , even by machine, takes a considerable time. I am now tired of binding-three quilts today, and tomorrow it's back to the LA machine.


Ruby said...

Clicking on the photos does show the pretty colors better. Lovely work. Babies are very lucky! The 'future is brighter' quilt didn't need a closeup to prove beautiful. Great job! I'm off for the weekend to a Civil War reenactment. It's turning cooler here just in time for camping out. :( It a least it's not suppose to rain!

Kucki68 said...

The baby quilts are cute and the Future quilt is wonderful!

Coloradolady said...

These are beautiful. Love the first baby pretty and perfect for a baby. You are so talented.

AudreyO said...

I love the flower quilt on the bottom. I have never made a quilt, sewing is just not a skill I possess. I did have a quilt made for me about 5 years ago. It stays on my bed through all seasons. I love it.

BeachILike said...

Love all pink!

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Anonymous said...

These quilts are true works of art. So beautiful and colorful. They should be hung on a wall. Thank you for stopping by my blog and commenting on my son's wall of album covers. He does still come home during college breaks, and is still pretty meticulous about his room. Out of the 3 children, he's the only one who makes sure he makes his bed and turns off his lights when he returns to college. haha.

farmlady said...

You know I'm always impressed with your quilts. They are so beautiful and varied. I love the baby quilts. My favorite is the yellow one with the tiny bunnies. I love the geometric squares pattern that you quilted on it. That's different and very interesting.

Miri said...

Great quilt show today! :) T he baby quilts are adorable and I love how D9Ps always look different!

Future's So Bright is gorgeous! I love the 3D look! Wonderful!