Sunday, November 29, 2009

Two Watercolor UFO's

Tonight I finished up two more UFO's-would you believe I have only one UFO left to quilt and bind and then I am UFO-less, whatever will I do? I have a plan never fear, there are many WHIMMs, kits and other projects that will be my focus next year. It's sad that it has taken me so many years to get organized but at my eh, advanced age I realize I must have a good plan or I will leave behind a big mess!
I like to show the back of the quilt, it's often difficult to see the quilting from the front.
A couple [maybe more] of years ago I decided to make quilted banners for sister churches in Rwanda. These two wall-hanging sized quilts are for that purpose but after arranging them on a design board I put the board behind the door, behind another board-and
sort of conveniently forgot them- in truth, I had lost my mojo for them! So they were on the bottom of my UFO list and this week it came down to where I had no choice but to work on them because, gasp, I had run out of UFO's to work on!

Funny, but finishing them up wasn't difficult at all, I seemed to have recovered my mojo and they went together fairly easily. No labels yet, the wording has to be finalized.

I have made so many of these Watercolor "Resurrection" quilts[that's what I call them] I have lost count but at least twenty and no two are identical. Most are this smaller size, a couple have been another size up that were commissioned works and the largest is the first one I made, now more than a decade ago. Many of them can be seen on my webshots, the link is in my sidebar.
This is the first Resurrection quilt I made, it's much larger, and there have been many in between. It's clear that the little quilts really require a different technique because of the limited design area and I have changed the style a bit with each new one. The quilt above hangs on the wall in the loft behind my long-arm machine and it was one of the earliest projects that I quilted on my first long-arm machine.

Tomorrow I have baby Matthew for the day and also luncheon guests, a quilting buddy who moved to CA last year is back for a visit and it's always fun to connect with quilting friends even if our families can't understand the fascination with our favorite topic!
One of my quilting friends asked for more detail on the quilting so I took a couple of close ups of the backs and they are posted here.


Reddirt Woman said...

What size are they and are either one spoken for? I'd like to prompt my brother. He forgets sometimes. I know the red border one would be her favorite but the size may be smaller than what I think she would want.

would you e-mail me the details + price for the size if they are still available or if they are going to Rwanda? If that's so I'll get with him on size for next Christmas.

Hugs and happy quilting!


Lis said...

No UFOs? I can't imagine that situation for myself, well done.

Kate said...

What a wonderful job on these!! I love them both. I haven't tried water color quilting but I think I may try my hand at in the new year. The florals are fabulous!! What size are your squares? Great job!

Gari said...

I can't imagine running out of UFO's, especially since for every one I complete, I start at least 2 more. And I have been doing 3 BOMs this year and that means that in January I automatically have 3 new UFOs. At least I can't say I have nothing to do. lol

Sheila Roberts said...

That watercolor resurrection quilt is stunning!