Thursday, November 12, 2009

Finished For Friday, Another UFO

I had three quilt finishes this week but I have already blogged about two of them- here is the third, a UFO that I really disliked..... that's why it was a UFO, LOL! It's called a One Block Wonder and I am now permanently immune to this design! Well, allergic might be a better word.
I slogged through the piecing and then added two bright borders from stash and a Mardi Gras backing- also from stash. The borders are so bright that they distract from the awfulness of the body of the quilt so I don't even hate it anymore! Don't love it mind you but don't despise it either and it's a nice size for a kid's quilt. Amazing what a couple of eye popping borders & some quilting can do, right?

It's quilted with orange thread in zig-zag lines in the body of the quilt and curls in the borders. It went fairly fast and I am so happy and proud that I did not let this quilt get the better of me!
I had bright fabric for backing [left over from a Mardi Gras quilt years ago] that would never blend with anything else I made and I'm happy to have used up most of it now.
Yeah, it's done and I have only two more UFO's both small watercolor quilts and I'm hopeful I can get those finished too in the next month. More on that later.


Threeundertwo said...

We must talk. One Block Wonder is on my list of quilts I want to make. Was it really not fun?

You picked great borders and I love that quilting idea of using zigzags. The orange thread just pops.

Congratulations on getting it finished! We can do the happy dance together this week for checking off these quilts. Thanks so much for joining in and have a great weekend!

Angie said...

I very much like the zig-zag quilting is very cool, thanks for the idea. Angie

GARI said...

What do you mean, "only 2 more UFOs?" I haven't been quilting for long, and finish more than not, but I have more than 2, lots more. And I have been completeing at least one every other month. But someday, I hope to be where you are. lol

Anonymous said...

Looks great, Ros! I am like you and not big on this pattern, but your borders and quilting really brightened it up and gave it a whimsical feel.


Miri said...

I'm glad to hear that I shouldn't make this pattern :) I've been resisting for quite a while!

Your borders and quilting really make the quilt pop-a happy quilt!